COVID Update: Amanda Kloots Receives Coronavirus Vaccine After Nick Cordero’s Death

LOS ANGELES (WABC) – Amanda Kloots, the widow of Broadway star Nick Cordero, received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine seven months after her death.

Kloots shared her husband’s long battle with the coronavirus before dying in July at the age of 41.

She said in an Instagram post on Friday that she is grateful to be vaccinated against the virus that left her a single mother.

“I have been terrified since Nick passed away, as a single mother, of contracting this virus and now I am one step closer to safety,” she wrote.

Some criticized her for receiving the vaccine because she is 38 years old, but explained that she waited in a long line and only received the remaining doses of the vaccine that would have expired after all appointments for the day were filled.

He said anyone else could have done the same and that “vaccine embarrassment” shouldn’t be happening. She believes that anyone who receives the vaccine should be celebrated.

In response to her critics, she said the staff was “happy to have people there waiting with willing arms” and was prepared to be turned away, reports ABC News.

Kloots and Cordero shared a 1-year-old son named Elvis who, according to Kloots, was with her when she received the vaccine while Cordero’s song played in the car.

On Sunday, the United States nearly suffered 500,000 COVID-related deaths.

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