COVID NYC update: Mount Sinai cancels some vaccine appointments as supplies run low

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Vaccine supplies are thin in many hospitals in New York City, forcing some to cancel or block new appointments.

Mount Sinai Hospital said that it canceled public vaccination appointments from Friday, January 15, Tuesday to January 19 due to supply shortages.

A Mount Sinai spokesman said the hospital would notify patients when more supplies become available and resume vaccination appointments for eligible patients.

For those whose appointment is scheduled to take place after Tuesday, Mount Sinai said it will provide updates as it knows more.

NYU Langone is no longer scheduling new appointments due to its supply constraints.

A NYUL spokesperson told ABC that supplies are running out and that they are not canceling appointments, they will not be booking new appointments until they can guarantee that they have shots.

They insist that they have the ability to administer more, they simply need a dose to do it.

“It’s really low – we want to get a shot in the arms, we just need supplies,” the spokesperson said.

They have not been able to confirm when the next shipment is due.

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In Northwell, supplies are tight. They are not currently canceling appointments.

A Northwell spokesman said that the way their system is set up, they do not book appointments for doses they do not have. But the supply they are currently dealing with is “limited”, and moreover varies site by site and booking appointments is quick.

The spokesperson said, “The number of vaccinated PODs and the ability to book our appointments will depend on the vaccine supply and, as the number of those doses is still limited, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated so that the patient stays To get the vaccine. “

New York-Presbyterian is not canceling appointments and has issued the following statement:

“In our first day at The Armory, we vaccinated more than 750 people. We’re continuing to make new appointments this weekend with over 3,300 schedules. We want to get as many New Yorkers vaccinated as soon as possible. Get it done.

The New York Department of Health said the issue stems from expanded groups without an expansion of supplies by the federal government.

“We now have 7 million New Yorkers who are eligible for a vaccine and the Fed is only providing 300k per week. New York requires more vaccines from the federal government. The challenge is that we only vaccinate as fast as possible As much as federal supplies allow. We ask. ” As patience, we implement the largest single vaccination effort in the history of the state. “

To add to the problem, the General Counsel for the Office of Information Technology Services said that an unauthorized scheduling link was published this week.

The governor’s office said it was a legitimate, internal link that was accidentally shared with the public, put on social media – so those who had this link “received an unfair advantage that others did not did.”

“It has come to our attention that an unpublished scheduling link was shared on social media this week without authorization, allowing some New Yorkers to appoint vaccines for state-run sites that are not currently open and Byington, Not hiring in Buffalo. Plattsburgh, Potsdam, Stony Brook and Utica. With an abundance of caution, we referred the issue to the Inspector General. As this epidemic has shown, equity and equal access are important in the distribution of vaccines, And all are unauthorized to follow these principles. The appointments are voided – we’re currently contacting all who used the unauthorized link to provide status information. All of us New Yorker information Will continue to protect and ensure equal access to the vaccine for all. As a reminder, the only way. Signing up for vaccinations at state-run locations is the I-Qualified website for the Department of Health. “

Those who made appointments with this link are being informed. An official said that anyone who signed up for these vaccines has not received one – these are for sites that were not yet erected.

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