COVID Long Island: Long Island woman Shirelle White survives COVID, but causes serious tracheal problems

Valley Stream, Long Island (WABC) – A Long Island woman is telling her survival story about fighting coronovirus and developing a serious complication.55-year-old Shirley White from Valley Stream survived a very tough battle with COVID-19, was placed on ventilator twice and then suffered severe breathing problems.

“I was very scared, very nervous,” White said. “” It was like a big struggle for me. When it came to breathing and when it came to speaking. “His Pulmonologist Drs. The Arthur Trust referred him to Doctor David Zeltsman at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Zeltsman performed a procedure in August for something called tracheal stenosis.

The doctor had to physically remove the bottleneck and connect the ends back together, but White was in tears when he heard about it.

“It was very understandable,” Dr. Zeltsman said. “If someone told me – by the end of the surgery, we’ll sew your chin to your chest wall, I’d be a little worried.”

The stitches were temporary – and both White and his partner, who also survived COVID, described how their recovery journey went.

“I found out that I was able to breathe,” White said. “Hundred percent better.”

And when she takes months to recover and still needs oxygen several times, she is the worst because her disease is cured.

He is very grateful for his gratitude for wishing his son a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday,” White said. “And mummy is glad that you celebrate here, celebrate with you.”

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