COVID Live Updates: NY Gov. Cuomo says reopening entertainment venue, Comedy Club is dangerous

NEW YORK (WABC) – Concert venues such as Madison Square Garden and Comedy Club are still dangerous to reopen, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday.He said, “I am not in this job so that people are in pain. So help God. I want to say yes to everything.” “I want to see jobs and the economy come back … We’re not out of the woods. Everyone is feeling confident, good. Egoistic is not good, and we’re still in it.”

Cuomo says it’s also important to see what happens with college and kids getting back to school, and with the numbers already going up, it’s important to keep an eye on everything before reopening more Is what he believes is “not necessary.””The rule is, you don’t want to go over the infection rate over 1%,” he said. “Open as many things as possible to stay at 1%, that’s what I’m doing … my foot is down on the gas pedal as far as I can push it without going over the speed limit.”

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NYC teachers raise new concerns over readiness of schools
There are real concerns that some teachers in New York City may refuse to show up for the first day of class amid concerns over COVID-19 safety. In a protest on Monday in Brooklyn, teachers expressed their concern over the fact that a handful of the city’s schools still lacked proper ventilation. The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) also claims that 2000 additional teachers are being brought to the city to cover a new mix of in-person and virtual education.

4 cases of COUID-19 were reported in NYU Freshman Dorm
Four students from New York University have now tested positive for COVID-19. School officials say they all live at the Freshman Dorm, Rubin Hall, in Greenwich Village. All 400 residents of the building have been asked to quarantine by at least the end of Tuesday.

Piece of antibody found to neutralize virus
There is hope in treating COVID-19 and possibly preventing it. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh say they have identified a small fragment of an antibody that neutralizes the cornovirus that causes COVID-19. They used the molecule to create a drug they believed could treat and even prevent the virus from spreading. Researchers say the drug has been tested on mice and hamsters.

Push for flu shots in NYC
New York City is urging residents to “get their flu shot” in a new citywide advertising campaign. People will see advertisements on subways, bus shelters, Staten Island Ferry, neighborhood businesses, newspaper TV, radio and elsewhere. “We do this not just for ourselves, but for everyone else,” Mayor de Blasio said.

Some whistle schools turn into distance education
Many schools in Connecticut have closed their buildings or their blocks as COVID-19 cases begin between employees and students. Students at East Hartford, Westbrook and West Haven high schools have announced that they will turn to distance learning by Thursday after testing positive for coronovirus in those buildings. Killingley High School and Bridgeport’s Tisdale School were closed for at least Monday after positive tests there. It was not clear when those schools would reopen in in-person learning. Doug Hammarskjöld Middle School in Wallingford said it would close as early as Wednesday, while the local health department conducts contact tracing on a member of the school community who received a positive coronovirus test. Chase Elementary School in Waterbury remains open, but students in a specific class have been ordered into quarantine after testing positive in a specific class. That class will change to distance education from Thursday. All those schools have said that they will do deep cleaning during closure to help prevent the spread of the virus.

DHS stops homeless move from Upper West Side Hotel
The Department of Homeless Services says it is preventing any move to the Lucerne Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city is going to care about what they should or should not do in hotels at this point.

New York gets creative to help keep masks from getting lost
An entire cottage industry traditionally shaped like the chains used for reading glasses can now be used for masks.

Health experts urge flu shots in an effort to avoid ‘blurring’
With people focused on keeping coronaviruses at bay, many health officials are concerned that people will forget about taking the flu pill. And the result, they say, can be disastrous.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will not happen this year
The annual Messi’s Thanksgiving Day Parade COVID-19, announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday, will have only one television program this year. Nevertheless, Massey has promised a new version of the prestigious holiday show for the 94th annual parade.

“It won’t be the same parade we’re using, it’s going to be a different kind of event,” De Blasio said. “They are realigning the event for the moment in history.”

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