COVID Infection Rates Rise in Western Mass: Baystate Health Sees 22% Increase in Hospitalizations

SPRINGFIELD – The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients at Baystate Health facilities continues to rise, with the highest number of people admitted with the disease since February 21.

As of Sunday, Baystate Medical staff are treating 79 confirmed COVID-19 patients, of those 11 are being treated in intensive care units. Last week there were 61 people with COVID-19 admitted to the Baystate facility and five to critical care units, authorities said.

On February 21, Baystate reported having admitted 85 patients with COVID-19. The numbers had been slowly declining since then and officials reported a minimum of 51 patients on March 21. The number of patients after that began to increase.

The COVID-19 infection rate has been increasing for several weeks despite increasing numbers of people getting vaccinated. However, the demand for doses continues to far exceed the demand.

Last week, cases were up 20% from the previous week and 44% from hitting a post-spike low in the week of Feb.28, data shows. Currently, there are 55 communities across the state considered high risk due to rising infection rates, up from 32 the previous week.

The Baystate Medical Center in Springfield currently cares for 68 of the patients. There is one at Baystate Wing Hospital in Palmer, six at Baystate Noble in Westfield and four at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, authorities said.

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