COVID increase: LA County officials urge congregations to curfew, once again amid ‘dangerous point’ in epidemic

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Los Angeles County health officials are weighing potential new restrictions – such as a trade curfew – in an attempt to reverse the rise in infections that they feared could harm hospitals and cause more deaths Can.

LA County Mayor Eric Garcetti said the situation in the city on Monday is “very dangerous” and prompted Angelino to take safety precautions to prevent further infection and hospitalization.

“The risk of this disease has never been higher and the pace of infection has never been faster,” the mayor said.

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In La County, coronovirus cases have doubled in the past month. The mayor called for residents to take similar action at the onset of the epidemic in March:

  • Stay at home as much as possible for the next two to three weeks.
  • Believe that everyone outside your home is contagious.
  • Stop gathering
  • After coronovirus case numbers exceeded 3,000 in two straight days, the county’s public health director Barbara Ferrer said she expected residents to strictly follow protocols such as avoiding gatherings, face covering, and social Practicing distance, especially on a Thanksgiving holiday, may not require such steps. But she said health officials are definitely recommending to the County Board of Supervisors “what to do if we don’t get epidemic control.”

    “If we do not bring it back under control by taking individual and collective action as people and organizations, then we have no choice but to keep a close eye on what kind of sanctions again, Especially in situations where there may be more risk, “said Ferrer.” So some of them may be looking at occupancy limits, some of them may be that we need to be in some other states and some others What to do in cities? Hours of operation restricted. And of course if we are bound to affect our health care system, we have to put it back on the prospect’s table at a safe home. But we are not there yet. ”

    On Sunday, the county reported 3,061 new cases of COVID-19 and three additional deaths, making the county totals 339,560 cases and 7,269 fatalities. On Saturday, the county reported 3,780 new cases, the most positive cases in a day not associated with the backlog since mid-July.

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    The county reported 2,795 cases on Monday – a day when case reports are traditionally low due to gaps in reporting test results over the weekend. Health officials from Long Beach announced 130 more cases on Monday, while Pasadena reported 16. The new cases increased the total cumulative counties to 342,489 since the onset of the epidemic.

    Another six coronovirus-related deaths were also reported by the county on Monday, taking the death toll to 7,275.

    The county has also seen a boom in hospitalizations. The number of LA County residents hospitalized with the virus exceeded 1,000 on Sunday in the first month, rising from 966 to 1,014 on Saturday, then to 1,049 on Monday.

    Although the rate of deaths from the virus has not steadily increased, that number is considered a lagging indicator, meaning that it increases for several weeks after hospitalization.

    All other major matrices in the county are growing. Ferrer said the average daily rate of new cases per 100,000 residents of the county was 13.7 on Monday, nearly double the 7.6 rate a week earlier. The county’s seven-day average daily rate of positive virus tests was 5.3% on Monday, up from 3.8% a week earlier.

    “It’s clear that La County is at a very dangerous point in the epidemic,” Ferrer said.

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    Health officials have recently pointed to residents’ gatherings – either in public or private settings, which primarily include residents under 50 – to drive the increase.

    Ferrer said residents between 18–29 accounted for a large proportion of consecutive new cases in the past two months, dramatically widening the gap in all other age groups. But when young people are getting infected more often, it is suffering the consequences of hospitalizing older residents, she said, meaning younger people are getting infected and passing the virus on to older residents who are at a higher rate of critical illness. Are at risk

    “This is unfortunate at best and serves as a stark reminder that the youth are spreading the virus with disastrous consequences for our elders,” Ferrer said.

    Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas reiterated Monday that the county will discuss the possibility of additional restrictions this week, including a possible curfew for business operations or other restrictions on operating hours.

    He said, “While the Board of Supervisors should not come to any conclusion before we have time to fully consider all options and hear input from the public, I believe we also need to prioritize the need to keep the economy safe.” “” We should look for structural ways to remind everyone that there is a safest place at home right now. Possible options could include curfew, so businesses don’t need to close again, “he said. But will be limited to the required activities instead. ”

    Supervisor Janice Hahn echoed that possibility, especially for restaurants.

    “The fact is, this is a dire warning for all of us. It’s an alarm that cases have increased dramatically,” Hahan told KNX NewsRadio on Monday. “The suggestion is to ask our businesses, our restaurants. Probably to close by 10am so they don’t necessarily become bars where people are just sitting around drinking, laughing and talking without their masks So it is not a general public curfew for everyone. ”

    The observers are scheduled to meet in closed session on Tuesday.

    Los Angeles County is already placed in the most restrictive purple tier of California’s four-tiered coronovirus monitoring system, which places severe limitations on businesses and public ceremonies. Based on the increase in cases in recent weeks, the county will remain in that purple color category indefinitely.

    Gov. Gavin Newsome announced Monday that 40 counties in the state were being moved back to the purple tier in response to a dramatic number increase. The move means that 61 cities out of the state’s 58 districts are subject to the most stringent restrictions from Sunday to 13.

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