COVID-19: Wearing a mask can deteriorate between studies

A new study has found that wearing a mask used may not be more dangerous when it comes to discontinuing COVID-19.

A new three-layer surgical mask is 65 percent efficient at filtering particles into the air – but when used, that number drops to 25 percent, according to a study published in Physics of Fluids on Tuesday.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and California Baptist University say the masks slow down airflow, leaving people susceptible to breathing particles – and a dirty face mask does not effectively filter droplets Can.

“It’s natural to think that wearing a mask, no matter new or old, should always be better than nothing,” said writer Jinjiang Xi.

“Our results suggest that this belief holds true only for particles larger than 5 micrometers, but not for particles smaller than 2.5 chromomers.”

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To reach their conclusions, the researchers used a computer model of a person who wore a pleated three-layer surgical mask to find out how the face covering the affected airflow and how the particles passed through. He also observed how small droplets settle on the face, into the airways and where they land in the nose, pharynx or deep lung.

They found that wearing masks “significantly slows down” airflow, reducing the mask’s efficacy and making a person susceptible to applying aerosols to the nose – where SARS-CoV-2 likes to lurk.

“In this study, we found that the mask’s protective efficacy for nasal airways decreases at low inhalation flow rates,” the study said.

Researchers found that plots of face masks also affect airflow patterns and their efficacy changes with more use. The team plans to study how mask sizes affect protection from COVID-19.

“We hope that public health officials strengthen current preventive measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission, such as choosing a more effective mask, wearing it properly for highest protection, and using excessive or expired surgical masks Avoid. “


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