COVID-19: Vaccines administered in Jones Beach one day last week deemed ineffective by the New York State Department of Health

Some COVID-19 vaccines that were administered at the Jones Beach State Park vaccination site on Long Island in one day last week were deemed ineffective due to improper storage.

The New York State Department of Health announced that the vaccine administered in Jones Beach on Monday, February 15, is ineffective after it exceeded the allowable temperature to maintain its viability.

Anyone who received the incorrectly stored vaccine has been notified and a new vaccine has been rescheduled. Officials noted that there is no health risk from receiving an ineffective vaccine.

Authorities said the vaccine was being transported in insulated coolers to waiting cars on a particularly cold day when a worker noticed the temperature in one of the coolers dropping to a lower threshold.

The worker then tried to increase the temperature, which instead caused him to exceed the upper threshold unexpectedly and without knowing it.

About 10 percent of people vaccinated on February 15 received ineffective doses.

“The health and safety of New Yorkers is our top priority, and due to the very specific temperature sensitivity of this vaccine, we have a process to identify if temperature variations occur,” said a spokeswoman for the State Department of Health. of New York, Jill Montag, in a statement. . “This process worked, allowing us to quickly identify this problem, identify the extremely small number of people affected, and begin taking action immediately.

“The Department of Health has determined that there was no risk to the health of New Yorkers and we have reached out to everyone involved to reschedule their appointments as soon as possible.”

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