COVID-19 vaccine shots given in Arizona surpass state case

FILE – In this January 10, 2021, file photo home health care workers and their patients begin receiving the modern COVID-19 vaccine at a drive-through vaccination clinic in Portland, Ore. )

PHOENIX – The total number of COVID-19 vaccine shots given in Arizona now exceeds the number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus, according to data from the state Department of Health.

The Arizona Department of Health Services said in its daily update Friday afternoon that 822,821 vaccines have been placed in the state.

That morning, the department reported 3,826 new cases on its COVID-19 dashboard, with a total of 775,622 infections.

As of Thursday’s update, there were about 771,000 cases in the state with 766,000 vaccine doses.

Arizona receives new vaccine shipments from the federal government every week. On Monday, the total allocation was increased to 1,195,000 vaccines, with 44% still untapped. As of Friday, the state was down to 31% of its supply.

Since Monday, 151,308 shots have been awarded in Arizona.

The two vaccines approved for use in the US, Modern and Pfizer, each require two doses for several weeks in addition to reach to fill effectiveness. Friday’s Health Department update showed 145,879 people completing the two-shot series, an increase from 102,002 on Monday.

Arizona is requesting a larger allocation because it has increased the injection speed. State-run large-scale vaccination sites at State Farm Stadium in Glendale and Phoenix Municipal Stadium are running below capacity due to supply shortages. Both sites are booked through February, although more appointments will be added for the month if more vaccines are available.

Vaccines used in the US since December should be kept frozen during shipment and storage. Modern and Pfizer vaccines have also been in short supply, prompting authorities to limit distribution to high-risk populations.

Help can be in the form of 1-dose vaccines, which can be easily distributed in pharmacies and doctor’s offices. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was presented to US regulators for Thursday’s review and is expected to receive an Emergency Use Authority at the end of the month.

To learn more about the availability of the vaccine, the Arizona Department of Health Services has a vaccine-finder page on its website, which contains information about maps and registration of locations.