COVID-19 pregnant woman dies in Brazil after baby shower

Her family said that a pregnant teacher in Brazil died of COVID-19.

Brazilian outlet Globo reported that Camila Graciano was careful to stay home due to a high-risk pregnancy, but her coworker threw her a shower in Annapolis when she came in contact with an infected person.

The guest was not suffering from symptoms at the time and inadvertently spread the virus to other partygoers.

According to news agency KRRN, Grasiano’s brother Daniel Helio Ambrosio said, “Unfortunately, my sister was one of the infected people.”

The outlets reported that Graciano, who was then eight months pregnant, was rushed to the hospital three days later, where she gave birth via an emergency C-section.

The baby was born healthy, but the mother with the virus remained in the hospital.

“After birth, my sister showed significant improvement,” Ambrosio said. “The doctors also sent us a message saying, ‘Listen, trust, because his lungs are improving, heartbeats are improving (and) his blood pressure is improving.’ ‘

But soon the new mother’s health began to deteriorate rapidly, and she was declared dead on August 22, the report said.

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, more than 121,000 people have died from the virus in Brazil, which has sickened at least 3.9 million people.