COVID-19: Poll reveals Americans’ views on a new potential lockdown

Most Americans say they are unlikely to comply with another potential lockdown because COVID-19 cases want to continue to increase nationwide, according to a newly released survey.

Are you ready to comply with the 30-day COVID-19 lockdown?

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  • Depends on numbers.

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The latest Gallup poll found that 49 percent of Americans said they would be likely to stay home for a month if recommended by public health officials due to the virus outbreak.

The number is down to 67 percent in late March and early April, when the virus first started growing nationwide.

More than half of Americans (61 percent) said they were unlikely to be familiar with orders to return indoors and speed up the economy, despite staying in the country given record highs in new cases since the weather changed .

Respondents said 33 percent of Americans would be “very or somewhat unlikely” to comply with the second lockdown.

Most of the decline in Americans’ willingness to follow in-place advice is due to a sharp decline among Republicans, with Gallup’s latest turnout of 40 percent from 74 percent in the spring.

Democrats’ desire to stay home remains high at 87 percent vs. 91 percent in March and April.

According to polluters, “the possibility of wearing masks has something to do with an increase in confidence, as the CDC reversed itself in early April and began advising average Americans to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of infection.

“After increasing the cases of COVID-19 nationally, Americans are increasingly likely to feel that the condition of coronovirus is worsening,” he said. “But their concern about acquiring the virus in person has not increased at the same pace, and they are far less prepared to follow shelter-in-place advice today than in the early weeks of the coronovirus epidemic this spring. “

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