COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts nursing home kills 5, infectious 30

Three people also died after 1,000 people died at a church event in North Carolina.

According to officials, an outbreak of COVID-19 has killed five people in a nursing home in Massachusetts.

According to data released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, a total of 30 people were infected at Chelmsford’s Sunny Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The outbreak comes after 15 weeks of no positive cases in a nursing home, Sunny Acres administrator Jeff Schwartz wrote on his website. Many residents began testing positive in late September.

“Unfortunately, it has proved impossible to keep a rapidly spreading and highly contagious virus from this center,” Schwartz said.

Many residents have passed their 14-day isolation period and are now recovering, Schwartz said. The facility is receiving support from infection control specialists and is following state and federal COVID-19 guidance.

Meanwhile, a week-long convocation at a church in North Carolina was barred from holding services after more than 1,000 people died, leaving three dead.

WSOC affiliated to ABC Charlotte reported that a COVID-19 cluster was formed for 121 cases in three cases at the convocation organized by the United House of Prayer for All People. Those numbers do not include an additional 127 people who were tested at drive-by facilities on Friday.

The Mecklenburg County Health Department issued an “Arrangement of Imman Hazard” on the church due to the cluster.

“We have taken this action with an abundance of caution to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading to our community,” Mecklenburg County Public Health Director Gibby Harris said in a statement. “This type of order is rare, but sometimes necessary. It prevents the church from being opened or allowed to gather any further, ensuring that we prevent this outbreak from going any further.”

According to the WSOC, church leaders announced that the order was issued on October 25, with plans to hold larger events through October 31.

All in-person gatherings at the United House of Prayer facilities are now canceled until at least 6 November, and the church is required to clean and disinfect indoor surfaces.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the US has now exceeded 225,000 deaths since COVID-19.

According to a tally at Johns Hopkins University, there are 225,061 deaths from COVID-19.


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