COVID-19 outbreak associated with adult volleyball games in Lake County

Lake County health officials are investigating more than a dozen COVID-19 cases involving the Adult Volleyball League as an adult, hosted by a Gangs Lake Bar and Grill, where more than 200 Players and viewers may be exposed to the virus.

Health officials say 14 people who have played or watched volleyball at Jessie Oaks Food and Drink this month have tested positive for coronoids. Officials said many of them also played volleyball at other bar / restaurant venues, which may have contributed to further spread of the virus.

Medical Epidemiologist of the Lake County Health Department, Drs. Sana Ahmed said, “We are currently working diligently to speak with infected individuals and identify close contacts.” “However, about 200 volleyball players and spectators may be exposed. This could possibly be a major outbreak, and we need the public’s help to stop the spread of this virus.”

Health officials are asking that anyone who played volleyball at Jessie Oaks this month, or to quarantine at home for 14 days from their last trip, don and not wear a mask.

They also suggest that people obtain a molecular COVID-19 test within at least five days of their last visit, or if symptoms develop, soon and if not previously contacted by the Department of Health for communicable disease Call the program (847) 377-8130.

During quarantine, a person should stay home, limit contact with others in their home, avoid any visitors and cover a face if they have to leave to seek therapy.

Officials said a negative test result does not shorten the quarantine period, as it can take 14 days to detect the virus.

As a result of the outbreak, Jessie Oaks has suspended all volleyball activities for 14 days and can only resume when state guidelines are complied with. Officials said those guidelines allow only scrimmage between members of the same team, but do not play leagues between different teams.

“Under the current phase of the state’s plan, volleyball is considered a medium-risk sport, and no competitive matches are allowed between the teams,” said Larry McKay, director of the Department of Environmental Health at the Department of Health. “Failing to follow these guidelines threatens the health of the public, spreads the epidemic, and has the potential to impose additional restrictions on local businesses who are working so hard to protect their employees and customers.”

McKay said there is “some disagreement” as to whether the games at Jessie Oaks violated state guidelines, but the Department of Health believes they were league games and therefore prohibited.

However, he said, no enforcement action is being taken against the establishment.

“They voluntarily agreed to stop the game for 14 days and we are working with them to meet the guidelines,” McKay said.

According to the Health Department, 16,960 Lake County residents tested positive for COVID-19 as of Monday, with 4,9 fatal cases.


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