COVID-19 live update: New York positive rate hits new low, CDC worried about virus’s impact on children

NEW YORK (WABC) – New York reported its lowest one-day positive rate since the onset of the epidemic, Andrew Andrew Kumo announced Sunday.65,812 tests were conducted on Saturday, with only .7% testing positive.

Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control has raised concerns about the effect of coronavirus on children.

The agency believes that approximately 600 children are suffering from a rare disease that is associated with COVID-19. Experts say that multi-system inflammatory syndrome attacks the vital organs of the child.

It has been found in more than 40 states in children as well as in the District of Columbia. 10 of those 600 children have passed away.Doctors also say that Latino and black children are especially coming out with mysterious illness – they make up about three-quarters of all cases.

Over four months in a sustained outbreak, the US surpassed an astonishing milestone of 5 million confirmed infections, easily the highest in the world.

Health officials believe the actual number is close to 50 million, with test limits and the fact that as many as 40% of all cases are asymptomatic.

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New Zealand marked 100 days on Sunday as it stamped on the spread of coronovirus, a rare bright spot in the world that suffers from the disease.

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In Brazil, coronavirus virus deaths now exceed 100,000.

Yet as matters continue to climb, shops and food have reopened in most cities and people have filled bars in cities like Rio de Janeiro.

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And for the third consecutive day, Germany has registered more than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus.

This is a spike for a country that reported that they had a high prevalence of the virus.

STIMULUS Package Ticket Collection
The last COVID-19 attempt by the Democrats to revive the Capitol Hill Dialogue on significant funds collapsed into disappointment at the weekend, raising the possibility that the Washington gridlock would mean more suffering for millions of people without There are more job losses. For an economy still caught by fiery coronovirus.

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Outposts continue to operate at various locations in New York City to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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