COVID-19 in Illinois Update: What’s Happening on Tuesday

Preliminary numbers suggest that this is the deadliest year in American history, primarily due to the coronovirus epidemic, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday morning. The United States is on track to see more than 3.2 million deaths this year, or at least 400,000 deaths in 2019.

Meanwhile, Illinois public health officials announced 116 additional deaths on Tuesday, raising statewide deaths to 15,414 since the onset of the epidemic.

A day after the state logged its lowest number of cases – 4,699 – in about two months, 6,239 new and potential cases of COVID-19 were announced. The total number of known infections in Illinois was 911,308 since March.

However, it seems that some help is on the way. On Tuesday, Drs. Anthony Fauci received his first dose of the vaccine developed by the National Institute of Modern Health.

New and long-delayed aid from the federal government could come as soon as next week when Congress passed a $ 900 billion pandemic relief package. The law, once signed by President Donald Trump, would distribute long-sought cash for local officials and local officials to vaccinate a nation facing a catastrophic increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths. It provides a temporary $ 300 supplemental unemployed benefit per week and a $ 600 direct incentive payment to most Americans, as well as a new round of subsidies for hit-hit businesses, restaurants, and theaters and schools, health care providers and rents But people have to face money for the taking.

Here’s what’s happening on Tuesday with COVID-19 in the Chicago area and Illinois:

12:08 pm: 6,239 new and possible cases of COVID-19 and 116 additional deaths on Tuesday

Illinois public health officials announced 6,239 new and potential cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, one day after registering the lowest number of cases in two months – 4,699 – in nearly two months. The total number of known infections in Illinois since March was 911,308.

The state also announced 116 additional deaths since the onset of the epidemic, bringing the death toll to 15,414 in the state.

84,764 tests were reported and the statewide positivity rate for the previous seven days was 9%.

11:27 AM: COVID-19 Q & A: Should people be worried about the highly contagious new form of coronavirus circulating in England?

British authorities have recently voiced alarm about a highly contagious coronovirus mutation roaming in England. Dr. of the University of Chicago Medicine. According to Alison Bartlett, who specializes in the medical management of acute and chronic infectious diseases, it is important that Americans are aware that this version has been detected. But because scientists are actively looking for possible versions of the epidemic, reports of the mutation tell us that the process is working.

“This variant contains several mutations, many of which are in spike proteins, which is important for linking to host (human) cells and which is the target for currently available vaccines,” she said. “There are several parameters that affect the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). The structure of the virus is an important parameter, but the behavior and environment of the population is also important. Use of masks, physical disturbances, ventilation, hand-washing all affect the risk of transmission, and will continue to be effective and essential components of controlling the epidemic. “

Bartlett states that the news of the mutation has no effect on vaccination plans in the United States because there is no evidence that the spike protein in the variant is sufficient that current vaccines will not be effective.

11:15 am: r. Kelly was temporarily set to go to trial in Chicago in September after months of COVID-19 delays

After months of delays due to COVID-19 concerns, a federal judge in Chicago on Tuesday inspired singer R.K. A September trial date was set for Kelly, but said it was “not set in stone” given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the epidemic.

US District Judge Harry Leinvenber said during a brief case hearing that the jury’s selection would begin temporarily from Sept. 13 for Kelly and her co-defendants, who are alleged to have been witnesses in the Kelly and 2008 child pornography lawsuits. And were on trial to pay the victims. Change their stories.

Travel hungry Consumers want to return to their jet-setting ways in 2021, and the COVID-19 vaccine looks somewhat more optimistic. Airlines and tour operators are trying to reassure customers with more flexibility and outdoor, crowd-free locations, but many travelers are still hesitant to plan.

According to travel data firm and booking app hopper, online searches for flights that were below last year’s level began sharply in November, amid positive news about the COVID-19 vaccine.

But there is a difference between browsing and booking.

The first weekend after the Shedd Aquarium was forced to shut down the new coronovirus threatening the country, the Penguin handler had an idea.

Taking advantage of the building’s quiet halls, the empty spaces where tourists usually congregate in front of a display of fish, they bring Rockhopper Penguin Wellington to the Amazon Rising Exhibition, which is full of South American aquatic life.

Wellington, Rockhopper Penguin, who turned 33 at the age of 20, lives in his residence at the Shard Aquarium. (Erin Hule / Chicago Tribune)

Wellington looked up. He looked left, then right, and then back to handler Michelle Nataowski, who was recording the scene on her phone. He then walked to a large tank in front of him and seemed particularly moved by the red-bellied piranhas and black-forbidden silver dollars.

In those 27 seconds, a star was born.

This short, simple Wellington video has been the biggest viral sensation, even more than the 2014–15 discussion on scheduled baby sitter Oter Luna. Twitter users have viewed the video more than 3.7 million times as of this writing.

That and the subsequent series known as “Penguin Field Trips”, he and his companions Shad Rockpopper and the Magellanic Penguin continued to entertain humans throughout this epidemic year, only by displaying their natural curiosity, which sheds From other museums to exhibits at Soldier Field in Chicago. .

The Blue Demons are living the basketball version of “Groundhog Day”.

Five more games have been dropped or postponed following a fruitless visit to Iowa State. Now, after not missing the 10 scheduled games before November 25, DePaul is eager to finally compete this season, when he plays Western Illinois on Wednesday at Wintrist Arena.

fingers crossed. knock on wood. Hope and Prayer. No jinks.

Big East’s brothers Villenova and Xavier have played eight matches each and Crayton has played nine matches so far. DePaul remains undefeated undefeated: 0-0.

Cook County Health Technician and Maintenance Worker, as well as Cook County Clerk and Sheriff’s Office staff, one day to ask for additional pay for those who work with COVID-19 patients and the right pay for employees who work extravagantly Were on strike Among other demands.

SEIU Local 73 also complements county employees, calling them strikebreakers, objecting to the county’s use of employees outside Illinois.

Jaunita Irving, who works at Stroger Hospital, told a news conference on Facebook Live from outside Stroger Hospital that she has six family members at home, many of them already suffering from diseases that make them vulnerable to coronavirus Can make.

“We come to work every day, putting our lives on the line,” Irving said.

“We (county officials) would like to remove strikebreakers from our hospital and allow us to make this money ourselves,” she said.

The county and the union have been in talks since September, according to the union. –Chicago tribune staff

At least 59 Inconsistent people have died in Illinois custody since March after being infected with the new coronovirus – a death that has nearly doubled since November, according to data from the Dec. 21 show. A staff member – a 64-year-old nurse near retirement – also died.

Inmate rights advocates say the state’s delay in broadening staff trials, releasing thousands of medically vulnerable or other nonviolent prisoners and better enforcing the staff mask mandate has led to widespread infections and more deaths .

The latest increase has surpassed any previous peaks inside the Illinois Department of Corrections since the onset of the epidemic.

To put the numbers in perspective, there were less than 700 known infections of prisoners and staff across the IDOC from March to early August, when the latest increase began. Since then, the number of total infections has risen to more than 9,000 cases, state data show. Altogether, Almost 10,000 prisoners and staff have tested positive.

“It’s a complete failure by the state,” said Jennifer Soble, executive director of the Illinois Prison Project. “There is no question that COVID was going to make it in jails. The tragedy is the number of people who have become ill and died. That tragedy could have been prevented. “

City council members, as usual in central Illinois, canceled the 2021 liquor license fee renewal on Monday for some businesses struggling during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Normal Town Council approved, based on an ordinance 6–1, that eliminates some liquor license renewals for bars and restaurants.

Mayor Chris Koss said, “It aims to address the conflict of community businesses.” “This is one way we felt we could help small businesses.”

Under the scheme, operators of Bruupub, Hotel, Taproom, Stadium, Movie Theater will not be required to pay renewal fee.

License renewal for other beers for consumption of premises only was also waived; All alcohol on consumption of premises; External premises for existing on-premises licensees; Limited hours on campus consumption; And college / university, waived.

If a business is found to be in violation of state or local COVID-19 regulations, businesses must pay the license renewal amount within 30 days. Through the Tribune Content Agency – Panthograph

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