COVID-19: Dozen Morris County High School Students Test Positive

District officials said about a dozen students at a Morris County high school contracted coronoviruses at the Labor Day Party, prompting a move to the district between online and classroom learning.

Chatham High School planned to open for hybrid learning last Tuesday, but Thursday and Friday went away One student after another tested positive for the virus.

Plan The next Monday was to reopen for hybrid learning, But after 12 students tested positive for the virus, distance education for Chatham High Schoolers kicked off once again – this time for two weeks, Superintendent Michael Lausa said Friday in a letter to parents.

Most students reported head and body pain after a non-school program, reports, Citing Lasam and Westfield Health Officer Megan Avalon, who oversees health services in Chatham.

Lassa said it is possible that Labor Day may take place during weekends or at other celebrations. said that students were released at home after parents were informed of the potential risk. According to Avalon, none of the teachers came in contact with the students, and they were directed to quarantine.

LaSusa said the Hybrid Learning Sept 29 is expected to resume.

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