COVID-19: Dining Out of Infections, New CDC Report Says

COVID – at double the risk of catching COVID-19, compared to those who are terrible news for local economies and those who enjoy going out, according to a new Centers for Disease Control report. There is a risk of 19.

However, the data makes no distinction between outdoor and indoor food – and COVID-19 is much harder to spread when people are outside.

The report noted that a case control investigation of diseased patients from 11 US health care facilities found close contact with people with known COVID-19 or visiting locations that offer on-site eating and drinking, COVID-19 was associated with positivity, the report states.

Adults with positive COVID-19 test results were about twice as likely to report dining at a restaurant compared with negative test results.

The CDC concluded that there may be “significant risk factors related to infection”.

“Attempts to reduce potential risks where mask use and social disturbances are difficult to maintain such as eating and drinking should be considered to protect customers, employees and communities,” the report states.

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