COVID-19 Cases Rise as State’s New Trial Strong as Delaware

Two, de. – COVID-19 cases are increasing in the first state, the state positivity rate is 1.2% in just one week.

Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) reports hospitalizations and deaths are also increasing. DPH officials say it takes time to detect factors when and how someone identified the virus, but with a new testing strategy, DPH hopes to have more people tested to prevent it from spreading .

“We are noting that many of the cases we are looking at are related to social ceremonies,” Dr. Said Rick Hong, medical director. He is encouraging people to use the state’s multiple testing options if they may have been exposed or spent in large groups.

“Having more fixed sites with a schedule will allow it to plan ahead of time to test people but there is also a need for community testing or mobile testing based on what we see there,” he explained.

Delaware is moving towards a fixed test site model, which means that 8 Walgreens around the state as well as 5 state service centers and six public health clinics will all offer testing five to seven days out of the week.

According to the stateSt. Results from initial testing will return between 48 and 72 hours. At Walgreens locations around the state, you do not need an appointment for testing. Just drive and wait in line for your turn.

The Emergency Management Agency of Delaware is helping DPH to facilitate these new test sites. Jeff Sands, community relations coordinator for DEMA, says that when it comes to preventing proliferation the accessibility of testing can be differential.

“The goal is for the state to be able to make the most efficient use of resources,” Sands explained. “We want it to be available to those who need it most, those high-risk populations, and those who work in high-risk industries and to ensure they are staying safe And keeping your loved ones safe too. “

Time will tell if the new approach is efficient or not, but Dr. Hong has also warned that people should not ignore the flu season this year, with such a large focus on COVID-19. The state is also offering flu shot clinics. Click here for information on where you can test for COVID-19. For information on flu shot clinics, click here.