Court Sits Tim Cook for 7-Hour Statement in Epic Case

The epic episode depicts court-order Tim Cook sitting for a 7-hour deposition

Photo: Drew Anger ()Getty Images)

Great legal news for Apple if nothing else. To begin with, a judge has concluded that Apple CEO Tim Cook should sit for seven hours in an upcoming case against Epic Games. Second, Samsung’s attempt to degrade Samsung in the case has also been denied. To bombard

According to Court documents, The epic game wanted to depose Cook for a proposed eight hours. Apple tried to cite again Top principle, Which in essence protects a high level corporate employee from being fired. Or, you know, zero hours. Apple later offered Four hour concession. Judge Thomas S. According to Hickson, “This controversy is less than meets the eye.” Hickson writes that the top principle “limits the length of a statement, but rather halts it altogether,” and that, given the circumstances, the controversy is whether Cook should have “four hours, eight hours, or some length. Be removed for? ” Time in between. Therefore, Hixon’s rule should have Cook removed for seven hours.

As far as meeting Hickson seven hours, the judge writes that this is the default rule for “how long a witness must suffer”. Hickson also argues that the supreme principle focuses on whether a witness has “unique, non-repetitive knowledge of the facts of the case.” When it comes to Apple’s App Store policies – which are at the heart of this never-ending case against Epic-Hickson, it writes “There’s really no one like Apple’s CEO who testifies How can Apple’s ideas compete in these different markets? For its business model. ”

On the bright side for Cook, Judge Hickson said that “the statement over seven hours is inappropriate.”

In another setback, Judge Hixon denied Apple’s request to withdraw internal documents from Samsung. Noting that Samsung is not involved in Apple and Epic’s beef, Hickson characterized the request as “a bizarre deep dive” into Samsung’s relationship with Epic. As for why Apple made the first request, the company alleged that those documents would prove that its App Store practices are the same. Or simply put, from Apple’s point of view, Epic Games cannot make a convincing anti-argument if it can prove that Samsung has made similar decisions about how it distributes Epic The fortress.

However, Hickson argues that because Epic Games is a very large company, whatever the system It is unique with Samsung and “cannot serve as a stand-in For some large segment of market participants. ”

It is difficult to say that both of these rules are a “win” for Epic, so they are minor failures for Apple. Cook may very well be deposed for seven hours, but it is not guaranteed that the court will side with the Epic Games at the end of the day. However, Samsung’s refusal may be bad for Apple’s other subpoenas for other third parties, including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Amazon.

In any case, these are the latest developments in a lawsuit between legal tit-to-tat Apple and Epic Games since last summer. Continuation of a court, you can say, that Flashy show That closed the whole saga in the first place. As a refresher, in August, Epic introduced in-app purchases directly Fortress Eliminated Apple’s 30% commission for transactions made through the App Store. Because of which Apple benefited Booting Fortress From the App Store. In turn, this led to A spicy video Apple was portrayed as a dystopian dictator from Epic. Which again, led to Apple Ending App Store Developer Account of Epic Games.

The drama has died a bit, as there is no preparation to stop the trial till July. That said, it is reasonable to assume that the next few months will still appear to be a lot of passive-aggressive legal back-and-forth as both Epic and Apple try to leverage for their individual cases.


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