Couples die within minutes of each other

A couple married for nearly 50 years died of coronovirus within minutes of each other holding hands.

65-year-old Johnny Lee Peoples of North Carolina and his wife, 65-year-old Darlene, died of COVID last month.

His son Shane told WBTV that his parents had been ill for almost a month and his health had deteriorated.

After two weeks, he was sent to the ICU but things only worsened.

“The next day they put them in the same room, the same ICU room, they put their hands together, the nurses moved around and they passed each other within four minutes,” he told WBTV.

Johnny Lee Peoples of 67 years and his wife Darlene of 65 years both died of coronovirus within minutes of each other. Source: Facebook / Shane Peoples

He was cremated on Wednesday morning. Mr. Peoples said the couple had been together for 50 years and married 48.

On Facebook, he wrote about his grief and frustration that people still believe that the virus is a hoax.

“We were deceived,” he wrote.

“Mom and Dad’s lives were stolen by a virus that many joke on a daily basis or simply believe it to be some kind of deception. Both took the epidemic seriously and are still ill, yet dead. “

The couple’s son Shane said he was 50 years old. Source: Facebook / Shane Peoples

He called his parents “blessings”.

“I miss him a lot. I am not sure how I will be dealt with at my ride home every night without knowing how to talk to work or not being able to send their family photos and videos, ”he wrote.

Mr. Peoples asked people to wear masks, wash hands, practice social distance, and “be kind to each other”.

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, there are currently 6.4 million cases of COVID in the US with over 193,000 deaths.

The couple remained ill for about a month before dying. Source: Facebook / Shane Peoples

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