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With the Kovid crisis paying off New Year’s Eve celebrations and many other opportunities to seek out romance in person, dating apps are thriving.

But while such techs have been associated with hookups for a long time, a study shows that people who get up after swiping right are in the form of satisfying a relationship that traditional encounters have been through Met – and may also be Keener to settle.

“We actually find that some couples who meet through dating apps also have stronger long-term family formation or relationship intentions than other couples who met either offline or other digital ways of meeting , “Dr. Said Gina Poterca, author of the research. From the University of Geneva.

Writing in a magazine called PLOS One, Potarca analyzed the results of the National Representative 2018 Family and Generations survey conducted by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, which included the number of people between the ages of 15 and 79, where the couple met, and that relationship. There were many questions within, including his intentions. .

Potarca focused on a sample of 3,245 people over the age of 18, and who were not more than 10 years old, finding that most individuals reported meeting their partner offline, via 104 dating apps Met his companions, 264 met him. 125 found their partner through dating websites and through other online services.

Over time the proportion of people meeting their partners through dating apps increased dramatically.

But analyzing the answers to questions around relationship intentions revealed that there was little difference between marital intentions and the desire or intention to have children between those found via the app and those found offline. What’s more, there was little difference in relationship and life satisfaction.

Indeed, those who met their partner through an app were more likely to plan to move with them if they were not already cohabiting, even when factors such as age were taken into account. In addition, women who meet their partners through an app need a child more than those who meet their partner within the next three years.

The study also found that dating apps were linked to couples with wide geographic distances, and that highly educated women were pairing with less educated men – the latter, Portca said, may be based more on app match attendance Social stigma.

Potarca said the study pushed back against apprehensions that dating apps threaten long-term relationships. “These moral panic does not reflect the actual trends usually occurring,” she said.

However, the study is based on respondents in Switzerland only, and some questions were targeted only to people in heterosexual relationships. In addition, the number of people meeting their partner on the dating app was relatively small, while finding the study is difficult to separate cause and effect, based only on comments.

Dr. Katherine Koduto, an assistant professor of communications and media studies at South Dakota State University and an expert on dating apps who was not involved in the work, said there may be bias in how and who respond to the survey. But she said the results were in tandem with small studies that suggested dating apps were not leading to the “dating apocalypse”.

Koduto said that some people may be surprised by the findings about the dating app, but many people wanting to have a relationship with children soon and looking for long-term relationships should consider downloading the app.

“In fact, if that’s what your motivation is when downloading an app and you meet someone with the same goals, you’ll probably be ready to move soon,” she said.

Koduto said it would be interesting to look further at non-heterosexual relationships and how many partners had gone through dating apps before meeting their current partner.

“It is easy to read this study and think that all these people went online, matched up with their partners, and were made and ready to have children or at least walk together,” she said. “I guess it was a lot more than that, so it would be pleasant to know what this process was.”

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