County Seas 29 New Deaths, More Than 1,170 Cases – Deadline

The Los Angeles County Public Department of Public Health confirmed the decrease in new coronovirus-related deaths, but increased new cases on Saturday.

The latest census of public health has revealed a total of 29 new deaths and 1,177 positive cases. Saturday’s update brings back confirmed numbers to Los Angeles County before Labor Day Weekend. During the holiday weekend, La County saw a major decrease in new cases. The low number was the result of reports of a long holiday weekend delay.

However, the number of new deaths is still in the same low range as the holiday weekend. Of the 29 new deaths, the number of Saturdays saw a decrease from Friday, which confirmed 43 new deaths. There are a total of 877 hospitals in the county, a slight decrease from Friday’s count.

According to Public Health, people 50 or older overtook the majority of new cases after the age range of 30 to 49 years.

Public health, with Saturday’s updated data, said eating and drinking on-site is one of the most at-risk activities for COVID-19 broadcasts. The announcement urged Los Angeles County residents to reduce non-essential activities.

Los Angeles County has identified a total of 253,176 positive COVID-19 cases and 6,197 deaths.