County 15,000 servants – more than 19 deaths – Deadline

Another week during the coronovirus epidemic is another serious milestone for Los Angeles County.

Public health officials announced on Saturday that Los Angeles had surpassed a total of 15,000 coronovirus-related deaths. The county has confirmed a total of 15,162 deaths and 1,064,887 Kovid-19 cases. Saturday’s figures show 269 new deaths and 10,537 new cases.

There are 6,881 Angelos hospitalized for coronovirus, with 24% of patients receiving treatment in the ICU. The current hospitalization count is the first time the county has reported 7,000 patients in about a month. However, Sother California has 0% ICU capacity.

The county continues to cross milestones as Angelino has started receiving vaccines. Despite the hope that comes with the vaccine, the county has struggled to operate the vaccines. On Friday, Los Angeles County Chief Science Officer Dr. Paul Simon alleged a dose shortfall on hand and continued to be uncertain about future allocations. Vaccination sites will operate at low capacity.

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