Countryside Watson speeds up Jets’ trade buzz with post ‘like’

Countryside Watson may have given the first indication that he is keen to get into the Jets.

Texas Star’s official Instagram account Liked a photo on the back of the post The Jets said Monday that the Jets should “do whatever it takes” to acquire the disgruntled quarterback. The photo was posted by Yonkers entrepreneur Wayne Schneider.

Watson, 25, is reportedly very unhappy with Houston owner Cal McNair and vice president of football operations Jack Easterby, as the organization did not make good on promises from which it would be able to give input to the club’s vacant general manager and head. Coaching position after the firing of Bill O’Brien. Watson was reportedly not consulted before appointing this month’s Gmail Nick Cassario.

ESPN’s Adam Sheher Reported since There is “a growing feeling from people in and around the Texas organization that Desh Watson played his last match for the team.”

Deshun Watson is a big fan of The Post's previous page since Monday morning.
Deshun Watson is a big fan of The Post’s previous page since Monday morning.

Watson tweeted last week that “I moved it to 10. when I was 2 years old.” The term was similar to an ESPN report describing Watson’s temper when Texas traded receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals last offshin, which was “2” and has now grown. According to Pro Football Talk, Watson has not officially asked for business.

If Watson wants out, the Jets are one of the teams – in terms of assets – who may be in the best position to land him. General Manager Joe Douglas has accumulated 18 draft picks over the next two years, including four in the first round. The Jets can also put quarterback Sam Darnold in any deal and Watson has the cap space to do a four-year, $ 156 million extension.

If Watson’s social media is any indication, he may be open to wearing green clothes.


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