Country Watson should get Jets ‘soon’: Richard Sherman

One of Robert Saleh’s former defensive stars, Deathson Watson, is advocating finding his way to the Jets.

“If I were Deshaun, I would have left as soon as possible. I will go to New York. “The Jets,” 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman said on “The Chris Collinsworth Podcast,” which Sherman co-hosts.

“It would be the most beautiful. Decision offensive line. They have to find some threats, they have to find some offensive weapons, but I think there will be many more people excited there. I think the free-agency market will be oversaturated this year due to salary cap, but I will do the same. I’ll take you to Smokin first thing from there. ”

The 25-year-old Watson earned his third straight Pro Bowl nod in 2020 with an NFL-best 4,823 yards, 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions as well as 444 yards rushing and three quick scores. He has played one and one match in the last three seasons despite being sacked 155 times during that period.

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Deshan Watson; Robert Saleh with Richard Serman
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And yet Texas made a big move and went 4–12 this season. After an incorrect trade last offseason that sent DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals, Bill O’Brien was fired as coach and general manager after a 0-4 start.

Watson’s frustration was “a 2 then I took it to 10,” he tweeted last week, almost word for word confirming the ESPN report which was his level of anger between the Hopkins trade and now. He wanted input on Texas’ searches for a general manager and head coach.

But the team dragged their feet in setting up an interview with Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric Binemi, about whom Watson has heard good things from Patrick Mahomes. Then, the team hired Corner Ferry’s recommended finalists, the Steelers ‘Omar Khan and ESPN’s Louis Riddick, as the Patriots’ Nick Cassario as their general manager, rather than a move, a move that featured a lot of executive Jack Easterby There were fingerprints.

“They are saying [Watson is] No answer to any call or any text – I won’t either, “Sherman said. “He has done everything. He is a beat for you guys and played efficiently.

Watson offered some hope to Jets fans by liking an Instagram post that featured the post’s “Watever It Take”, advocating for the Jets to back the quarterback to get back on the page.

Sherman has made rhetoric about Saleh since the Jets hired him, and it seems unlikely that Saleh-Watson’s marriage will put the Jets in dispute.

“very good!” Sherman previously described Saleh’s MMQB. “He’s gonna revolve that whole culture!”


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