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Country music singer RaeLynn says the American Airlines stewardess harassed her for a diabetes service dog

Country music singer RaeLynn says an American Airlines stewardess harassed her and her service dog aboard a Sunday flight from North Carolina to Maryland.

The singer of "Queens Do not", with type 1 diabetes, was traveling to a conference to talk about the disease, when he said he was repeatedly harassed on board by his 85-pound German shepherd service dog, Jazz.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG IN SOUTHWEST FLIGHT INFRINGES A CHILD, DETERMINING ADDITIONALLY ABOUT THE RULES OF THE AIRLINE [19659006] "The worst experience with my service dog for my Type 1 Diabetes today on the @americanair flight # 4831. Harassed by the flight attendant during the entire flight, "RaeLynn wrote on Twitter.

The 23-year-old told Taste of Country that she travels everywhere with Jazz, who "is there to detect when [her] sugar levels are not there." t right, "and has never had any problems with the flight crew.

" I never had a minute of trouble. Jazz is trained to know how to lie down under the seat of an airplane, "he explains to the publication," but this plane was a small regional plane, and before it took off, the assistant approached me and told me that I needed to take the dog completely under the seat to take off. Jazz immediately began to cry while trying to place it completely under the seat. I mean, if there had been turbulence, he would have been hurt. "

RaeLynn said the stewardess continued to approach her on her dog throughout the flight.

" I did my best to keep (Jazz) there, but the stewardess kept coming to me telling me she was not meeting, "she told Taste of Home." I probably heard that word five thousand times. Then he accused Jazz of not being trained and not being a service dog, which obviously is not true. The stewardess was being extremely disrespectful. She spoke extremely loudly and it was such a small plane. "

While RaeLynn said he understands that there are" certain regulations when it comes to service dogs "and each airline handles it differently," he felt "that this stewardess was extremely cruel and completely disrespectful."

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American Airlines said they contacted the singer once they heard about the alleged incident.


The singer, who said she never complains, felt the need to talk about the treatment she received.

"This kind of thing bothers me a lot," he adds, speaking in a low voice. "If I were a stewardess, I certainly would not have made a scene as big as her." It could have been something that was discussed once we landed in. It was not a way to treat a dog, let alone a service dog, and certainly not. it was right to treat a passenger like that. "


American Airlines said in a statement to Fox News that they contacted RaeLynn as soon as they heard about the incident.

"We regret that RaeLynn had a bad travel experience with us, our team is working to gather more information and data, and our customer relations team has communicated directly with her." Piedmont Airlines, which operated the flight 4831 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Salisbury-Ocean City, Maryland, on April 9, is also reviewing these allegations, "the plane said.

Alexandra Deabler is editor and editor of Lifestyle for Fox News.

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