Cortana becomes smarter with the new & # 39; scenes & # 39; and & # 39; rules & # 39; for smart home configurations

For those who use Cortana on Android, iOS or Windows 10 and who also have smart accessories for the home like Ecobee, Hues, GLAS, Wink, Insteon and more, Cortana is becoming more sophisticated.

Two new areas have appeared under Cortana> Notebook> Manage skills> Connected home folded "scenes" and "rules".

Scenes allows the user to badociate several functions of the smart home as lights in the living room with the thermostat to work in conjunction with a single command, eg. "When you get home" where the lights come on and the thermostat reaches a predetermined temperature.

There seems to be no limit to the complexity of the scene, as Cortana guides him through the process and asks if he wants to add things besides naming the scene.

Rules They are more than one command at one time but with conditions. For example, I can tell Cortana to set the temperature of my thermostat in X minutes or at a specific time. The same applies to lights or any other connected smart home accessory that you want to work, but with conditions.

As to who is receiving this function, it is not clear. I noticed it about two days ago and it works on all my devices, including my Android phone and my iPhone. However, not yet all have the function, suggesting an A / B test or just a general beta test badociated with some Cortana Insider programs (Android and iOS have programs).

In tests, the rules and scenes function works well, and should be perfect for those who want a "If this is the case, then" system (IFTTT) for their home. At the very least, it signals Microsoft's continued attempt to make Cortana more powerful even when her role is changing.

Microsoft has added a lot of features to Cortana in recent months, including task integration, reading emails on iOS, multi-user support, enhanced applications for iOS and Android, business skill set, Alexa integration, and now It works with Xbox. .

Thank you, @Pairadyce, for the confirmation!

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