Coronovirus USC students, faculty – tears through deadline

A coronavirus outbreak has hit USC’s line of fraternity, where about 40 people tested positive for COVID-19, USC Student Health Chief Health Officer Dr. Sarah Van Orman told the Los Angeles Times.

“A significant number of cases were related to four fraternity homes,” Van Orman said. However, its outbreak did not stop.

In total, about 150 Trojan students and staff have tested positive so far, even the school has canceled most classes online, with canceled programs, limited on-campus housing, mask requirements -With social-remoteness and symptom-checking measures.

“As long as we all understand that right now our only devices are physical disturbances and wearing masks, we continue to be devastated, not only in terms of the economy, our education, our academics, our jobs, but also the deaths of people,” Van Orman said. “Each of us must decide what we stand for. Frats also need to do the same. “

California Coronavirus update: Deaths rise dramatically as last week’s record declines

LA County on Thursday confirmed 2,628 new cases of COVID-19. To date, the county has identified 185,872 positive cases of COVID-19 in all areas of LA County. The day before, 4,825 new coronavirus infections were recorded in the region. This is a record number of new cases for a single day

While cases of coronovirus outbreaks of LA were much more prevalent among people over the age of 60, most infections in the region are now reported in people between 18 and 49 years of age.

Meanwhile, the university announced on Thursday that in August it will begin a minimum of 500 tests per day for students and on-site faculty and staff. According to van Orman, this would establish three observed sample-collection sites and eventually increase access to rapid, convenient, and efficient monitoring testing for an un-versed self-collection model.

“By increasing our testing capability, we will be able to capture more quickly and keep the sources of infection,” Van Orman said.

He said that the partnership with Color, a company that specializes in distributed healthcare and clinical trials, “will expand our knowledge of comprehensiveness and detection of asymptomatic cases at USC, so that we can make better health decisions.” . “

The program is being driven through Color’s technology and testing infrastructure, including risk screening, onsite and distributed test logistics, and software to manage processing of samples.

The population monitoring test program, named “Pop Testing”, is scheduled to begin next month with components from the Summer Campus and spread to larger campus populations throughout the semester.

On Thursday, the region reported 41 new COVID-related deaths over a 24-hour period, with a total of 4,552 people losing their lives with the virus.

LA County health officials warned, however, that “more than 2,000 of those cases are from a backlog in laboratory reporting.” With this in mind, the director said, “We are actually about 1,000 more cases than a month ago.”

City News Service contributed to this report.

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