Coronovirus killed 5 by Maine marriage with over 175 infected.

In Maine, the death toll from a coronovirus outbreak associated with a wedding reception has increased to five, with more than 175 cases related to the incident.

The latest death occurred at the Maplest Rehabilitation Center in Madison, where three prior deaths were also thought to be linked to the Aug. 7 reception.

About 65 people attended the reception at the Big Moss in Cabin and campgrounds in Millincet, about 70 miles north of Bangor.

The Manet Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that the government’s Janet Mills executive order limits indoor gatherings for 50 people and outdoor gatherings of 100 and under.

A person who answered the phone on Tuesday at the Big Moss Inn said they are not commenting.

Of the five people who died, none attended the wedding or reception.

But among those attending the event was an employee of the York County Jail, where 72 cases have been linked to the gathering, health officials have said.

Maine health officials have also stated that the wedding and reception are tied to the spread of the virus at the Madison Rehabilitation Center.

And, the state is investigating whether the outbreak of Calvary Baptist Church, whose pastor commits a crime in marriage, is linked to the incident. The church is tied to at least 10 cases.

Big Moise in Millincet, Maine.NECN

In a statement on Tuesday, the church said that many of its members attended the wedding reception and defended their right to continue services.

“Calvary Baptist Church has the legal right to meet. The right of a local Christian church, a Jewish synagogue, or a Muslim mosque to assemble for their religious services has been respected in our nation’s history since its inception, ”the statement said. “These religious activities are fully protected under the First Amendment to our United States Constitution.

There has been a steady increase in the number of cases resulting from wedding receptions.

In August, health officials said they had identified 18 people who tested positive for coronovirus after participating in the incident. According to a state press release on August 17, six people who had contact with attendees also tested positive.

By the first week of September, about 150 cases and three deaths were linked to the incident.

State health officials did not immediately release details on the fifth death. Maplecrest Rehabilitation Center did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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