Coronovirus hospitalization breaks another record in Utah as the case wears a spike

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Utah’s continued spike in coronavirus cases also continued on Saturday, as health officials reported that the virus re-rose after hospitalization, with 298 patients receiving active care.

The previous high was recorded on Friday, when 290 patients were hospitalized. In total, 4,610 people are hospitalized since the onset of the epidemic.

In total, the state reported that Utah reported 93,297 positive cases of the virus, an increase of 1,340 since Friday. There have also been three new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths from the virus to 540. Those killed include:

  • A Davis County man who was over 85 years old and not hospitalized at the time of death
  • A woman from Salt Lake County who was 85 years old and living in a care facility for a long time
  • A Carbon County man between the ages of 65 and 84 who was hospitalized at the time of death

The spike in cases is “uncertain”, the government’s Gary Herbert said in a statement released on Friday with the coronovirus report. And he urged Utahns to wear masks again, creating socially spaced, and limiting the size of social ceremonies.

“Until we do these things, we can expect to see more adventurous days,” he said.

Jess Gomez, a spokeswoman for Intermountain Health Care, said Saturday that the hospital is also seeing higher use of its intensive care unit beds, which are treating both “COVID patients as well as many non-COVID patients who are in intensive care.” There are various conditions. “

“We are getting close to capacity, but we are not there yet. But it is getting very close,” he said.

As hospitalization reached record highs, Gomez said the health care provider is asking the community to “stand with us” and do their part to protect hospitals from being overrun with patients.

“Now more than ever we really need people to step up and do everything they can to reduce broadcasting,” he said. “We continue to say the same thing, but they are critically important and unfortunately they are not universally used.”

If people follow public health guidance, they said, “We can get control over it.”

But at this point, Gomez said “the consequences are falling on our health care community who are struggling to keep pace with those who need hospital care for COVID and other issues.”

The state health department said that of the 298 people currently hospitalized, 96 are confirmed to use the intensive care unit bed. Like Saturday, ICU beds in Utah were 75% occupied.

9,142 new test results came out on Saturday, as the statewide positive rate remained in the 13% to 14% range, which state officials say far more people are ill than when tested. On Saturday, it stood at 14%.

For the past week, the Utah Department of Health has tallied an average of 1,236 new positive test results a day, continuing a streak of new record highs.

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