Coronovirus death toll in Maine rises to 7

State officials said Tuesday that coronovirus deaths associated with an indoor August wedding in Maine are at least seven fatal.

Agency spokesman Robert Long said in a statement that the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the wedding and its reception in Millincet, Maine are now connected to 176 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Maine Public Health officials have detected outbreaks in the state after the wedding, including the York County Jail and Madison Rehabilitation Center, each after a staff member attended the wedding.

A total of 80 cases have been confirmed in the York County Jail building. Twenty-nine people tested positive at the Maplest Rehabilitation and Living Center in Madison, which included 24 residents and 15 staff members.

Six out of seven marriage-related deaths occurred at the rehabilitation center. Long said that none of the seven people attended the wedding or reception.

At the August 7 wedding, about 65 people lived indoors, even though Gov. Janet millsJanet Mills 143 Coronavirus Cases, One Death, Prison Outbreak Now Connected to Maine Marriage Number of Coronovirus Cases involving Menon Marriage Increased from 123 to 24 People Contracted in COVID-19 Maine Mar (D) ordered a 50-man limit for indoor ceremonies due to the epidemic. The wedding was held at Try Town Baptist Church and the reception was held at Big Moss in the cabin and campground.

State officials are investigating whether the business violated the orders of the coronovirus by hosting the wedding.

Public health officials have detected cases of marriage throughout August. It first 24 cases found By the middle of August. by the end of the month, 123 cases The event was linked to, and by September 3, Number reached 143.

Officials previously reported that a woman who did not attend the wedding died in August after contracting COVID-19 with a partner.

Laurie Cormier, owner of the Big Moss Inn, issued a statement last month saying that the employees “heart goes out of the family, those affected by the virus who were married, and who have been affected ever since.” According to WAGM.

Maine officials have tracked the spread of the virus by marriage hundreds of miles into the state and are worried that it may undo the state’s progress in combating coronovirus, The Associated Press noted.

state Has been confirmed 4,415 COVID-19 cases and 137 deaths since the onset of the epidemic. new York Times Classifies Maine as a state where new cases are “going low but up.” The state has an average of 29 new cases per day.

State officials are looking into whether Pastor Todd Bell has caused an outbreak at Calvary Baptist Church in Stanford after the marriage was canceled.

The church released a statement received by the AP on Tuesday stating that “many members of the Calvary Baptist Church attended the wedding” but said the church was trying to prevent the coronovirus from spreading during its services.

“Calvary Baptist Church has the legal right to meet. The right of a local Christian church, a Jewish synagogue, or a Muslim mosque to assemble for their religious services has been respected in our nation’s history since its inception, ”the statement said. “These religious activities are fully protected under the First Amendment to our United States Constitution.”