Coronavirus: When should you take the flu pill? Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals the date

Dr. Anthony Fauci has a specific time of year when he gets his flu shot – and it doesn’t until the following month.

what’s going on:

Health experts are encouraging people to get their flu vaccination this year to help limit the spread of flu infection and coronavirus.

Fauci, an infectious disease specialist, recently told Jennifer Garner in an Instagram interview that October may be the best month to receive the shot, CNBC reports.

  • He said he takes his shot “towards the middle and end of October.”
  • “I don’t necessarily get it now in September, because there is evidence that, in fact, when you come in February and early March, immunity can stop,” he said.

He said it is an “informal” suggestion when to get a shot according to CNBC.

Other experts agree:

Dr. with LifeBridge Health Mariam Alexander recently told WBAL-TV 11 that October is a good month to get your shot because strains often last from October to March.

  • “The reason is that the flu shot only works for six months and we always have a lot of flu in our communities in March. We want to ensure that people are protected from the flu in March. “

Alexander encouraged all Americans to take their shot this year to stay safe from the flu.

  • “The urge for us and all our friends and loved ones to get a flu shot should be at an extra level.”
  • “When we as a medical community are trying to figure out what we are doing to people, we do not want to confuse the picture. If they know they have got the flu, then we would think that we would have more COVID than the flu. “