Coronavirus virus update: US average 150,000 COVID-19 cases a day, experts warn of pending ‘humanitarian catastrophe’

The global case for the coronovirus disease COVID-19 climbed to over 54.5 million on Monday, while the US raised more than 11 million after adding 1 million new cases in six days, to rising numbers in 50 states and territories. Of recording and showed no signs of virus. Slow down.

‘Virus (during administration infection) is not going to stop and call a time-out when things change. The virus just keeps going. ‘

– Dr. Anthony Fauci is the head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

According to the New York Times Tracker, the US has averaged more than 150,000 cases in the past week, an 81% increase from the average two weeks earlier. American hospitals currently hold a record of 69,987 COVID-19 patients, according to the COVID tracking project, a previous record of 69,455 set a day earlier and up 87% from a month earlier.

Raymond James analyst Chris McKins earlier this year headed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony told Fauci that the US could have 100,000 cases a day, “he is turning into a target rather than a threat.” ”

“It’s only in our view, to continue,” he said. “Significant, and in our opinion, economic damage from this latest swell is possible without a meaningful fiscal relief package from Congress.”

Experts are increasingly concerned that President Donald Trump’s refusal to allow Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election and to allow his administration to clear the way for Biden’s transition could lead to more cases, hospitalizations and deaths Huh.

“We are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe and are potentially contacting 400,000 Americans, which may worsen by the early part of next year,” Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and Professor of Pedrotrics and Molecular Virology and Microbiology. Boiler College of Medicine on CNN.

By January, when formal infections occur, according to estimates from the Institute for Health Metrics, between 2,000 and 2,500 Americans will die every day. This means that COVID-19 may be the only major cause of daily death in the US.

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“We cannot think of a more important time in modern American history when we need a smooth transition. The fact that this is the time that will not happen will only mean more loss of life, ”he said.

Fauci agreed that the transition was important and said he was concerned about the current deadlock.

“As you know, I’ve worked in six administrations, so I’ve seen many changes … all you want is for things to go very smoothly … transitions are important,” he told NBC. “The virus is not going to stop and is about to call when the time changes. The virus just keeps going, ”he said.

Biotech Modern Inc. stated that when the vaccine candidate achieved 94.5% efficacy in a preliminary analysis of data from a late-stage trial, it was expected. A week after Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNotech SE reported that Modern had achieved a slightly lower 90% efficacy rate in Phase 3 trials of their vaccine candidate. Both announcements promoted a broad-based rally in beaten-down travel and entertainment stocks, while sending shares of companies that have benefited from stay-at-home directives.

Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA,
+ 1.13%
338 points, while the S&P 500 SPX,
+ 0.72%
Was up 0.8%.

Fauci said the modern numbers were “quite impressive indeed.”

“Now we have two vaccines that are actually quite effective,” Fauci said on NBC’s “Today Show”. “I think this is a really strong step where we want to be about getting control of this outbreak.”

Fauci is expecting vaccine supplements to be available to high-risk individuals by the end of December, and urged Americans to double-check on safety measures, in the meantime, “a combination of vaccine and public health measures To be able to use this thing around. We can, “he said.

Medical experts warned last week that Pfizer / BioNotech could prove to be less effective in the real world than the vaccine lab, as reported by Jamie Lee of Marketwatch.

“In a clinical trial, you select the patients you like, and you follow them very closely,” said Mizuho Securities analyst Daffy Yang. “In the real world, there are all types of ages, and all have different underlying health conditions.”

With no word from the White House on the epidemic, states and locals have taken their own measures to stop the spread. In the latest examples, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmers’ administration ordered high schools and colleges to close in-class classes, restaurants for indoor dining, and suspended games – including football playoffs – to curb the state’s spiking corevirus cases. The Associated Press reported. The ban will start from Wednesday and last for three weeks.

Jay Inslee of the Washington government has announced new restrictions on businesses and social gatherings for the next four weeks as part of the state’s efforts to slow the spread of coronovirus.

In other news:

• The World Health Organization has registered 65 cases of COVID-19 among employees at its Geneva headquarters, the AP reported, citing an internal email. The agency stated that there have been zero broadcasts on the site. The revelation occurs in Europe, the host country Switzerland, and especially in the city of Geneva amidst escalation of cases, and the email states that about half of the infections were in people who were working from home. But there were 32 employees working on the premises in the headquarters building, indicating that the health agency’s strict sanitation, screening and other preventive measures were not sufficient to protect it from the epidemic. The WHO spokesman, Farah Dakhlalla, confirmed the accuracy of the information about the case count in an email to the AP and officials were still investigating. “We have not yet established whether the transmission has occurred on campus, but are looking into the matter,” said Dakhlalla.

• UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is self-segregating in his official residence after a meeting with a member of parliament who was later found to be infected with coronovirus, as negotiations between the UK and the EU on a future trade deal Their final stretch enters, Pierre Briancon of Marketwatch reported. Johnson said in a video clip that it didn’t matter that he was “bursting with antibodies” after being infected with COVID-19 earlier this year: “We’ve got to disrupt the spread of the disease,” He pleaded, he was “full of optimism and confidence” about Britain’s ability to end the epidemic.

• Sweden has announced that it is limiting the gathering of eight people, down from the pre-300 limit, the Guardian reported. Prime Minister Stephen Lofven told reporters that this is the new norm for the whole country. “I don’t go to the gym, go to libraries, don’t host dinner. Cancel, ”he said. Sweden has sparked controversy with its unconventional response to the pandemic, during which it has relied on its own citizens to be responsible and follow security measures rather than imposing a lockdown. As a result, Sweden has far more cases than neighboring countries such as Nordic such as Finland, with Sweden’s 177,355 cases, compared with 19,419 cases, the Johns Hopkins data show.

There are plans to push German Chancellor Angela Merkel to strict restrictions, including limits on face masks and gatherings in schools, Agnes France-Press reported. Merkel is scheduled to meet with state leaders on Monday. The Chancellor would suggest canceling all private parties until Christmas and children should choose a friend to meet with outside of school hours.

Guest Farmworkers Risk Kovid-19 Crowded Motel Inside

Latest tall

Worldwide the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is now 54.5 million, data from Johns Hopkins show, and the death toll is 1.3 million. At least 35 million people have been recovered from COVID-19.

Brazil has the second highest number of deaths at 165,798 and is third in 5.9 million cases.

India ranks second with 8.8 million, and third in 130,070 deaths. Mexico has the fourth highest percentage of deaths at 98,542 and the highest case of 1 million at 1 million.

There were 52,206 deaths in Britain, the highest in Europe and the fifth highest in the world and 1.4 million cases, or the seventh highest in the world.

China, where the disease was first reported at the end of last year, has 91,850 cases and 4,742 deaths according to its official numbers.

What is the economy saying?

Greg Robb of Marketwatch reported that the New York Fed’s Empire State Business Situation Index fell 4.2 points to 6.3 in November. According to a survey by Econody, economists expected a reading of 13.5.

Any reading above zero indicates an improvement in conditions.

New-order indexes fell 8.6 points to 3.7 in November while shipments fell 11.5 points to 6.3. Inventory remained in negative territory. The optimism about the six-month outlook is higher.

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The Empire State Survey is the first manufacturing survey for November among several regional snapshots. The sector is steadily improving on strong domestic and international demand and economists expect a rebound. But an increase in COVID-19 cases may cause some decrease in activity. The National ISM Factory Index rose from 55.3 in October to 55.6 in the previous month, the second-largest monthly profit since May 2009. The November data will be released early next month.

What are companies saying?

• Mattress in a box seller Casper Sleep Inc. CSPR,
Reported a widely expected third-quarter loss in revenue, citing supply chain challenges as a result of the epidemic. Direct-to-consumer sales fell 11.4%, as its European operations closed and foot traffic decreased as a result of the epidemic, with North America e-commerce sales partially increasing. The company expects fourth-quarter revenue of $ 143 million, down from FactSet’s consensus of $ 143 million. Chief Executive Philip Krim said, “Challenges in our supply chain, including significant reductions in textile production and chemicals for foam production, led to significant stock-out inventory in both our direct-to-consumer and retail partnership channels Huh. ”

• Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. HLT,
+ 1.08%
There are plans to offer $ 1 billion of senior notes due 2029 and 2031. The hotel operator plans to use the proceeds from the loan offer, and available cash, to encash all debts of 4.250% of senior notes outstanding due 2024. In Premarket Trading, Moderna Inc. on COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate As part of a rally in hotel stocks following the upcoming news of.

• Tyson Foods Inc TSN,
+ 3.48%
Fiscal fourth quarter earnings are expected to beat expectations and announce dividends for fiscal 2021. Tyson noticed that beef, pork, chicken and prepared foods increased. Tyson spent $ 200 million in COVID-19 quarterly expenses, and $ 540 million in expenses for the fiscal year. Those expenses include production facility downtime and personal protective equipment (PPE). For fiscal 2021, Tyson expects revenue of $ 42.00 billion to $ 44.00 billion, with a 1% increase in domestic protein production. The FactSet consensus stands for Tyson revenue of $ 44.12 billion. On November 13, Tyson raised its quarterly dividend to $ 0.445 per share on Class A common stock and $ 0.4005 per share on Class B common stock, payable to shareholders of Record 1 on December 15.


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