Coronavirus Vaccine: Do you need an antibody test after getting vaccinated?

On paper, antibody tests seem like a good idea to measure the immune response to vaccination. But it is not absolutely necessary to make one. Unless specifically instructed, antibody testing may not actually be necessary before or after vaccination.

However, even if you do get one, it’s important to know that the results may not be entirely foolproof.

Some experts are concerned that the antibody tests available to the public at this time cannot specifically identify the antibodies generated by the vaccine. Second, if it is to be implemented for larger sections, it may not be economically viable either.

For those who choose to have antibody tests done before scheduling appointments, experts recommend not completely relying on the test results. Given that natural immunity to COVID is confusing and can decline, getting vaccinated, whether or not you get enough antibodies is crucial, and considering the increase in cases, the need of the moment. It may help you delay or schedule your appointment a little later, but it is still wiser to receive the jab.

As long as you receive your two doses on time, follow all necessary precautions, and practice basic hygiene, you will have sufficient protection against the deadly virus.


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