Coronavirus: There is a stern warning about the fall of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently said in an interview with the Politico Playbook that this fall will be worse than in summer when it comes to the novel Coronavirus.

  • “Fall is going to be worse than summer.”
  • “All the numbers are ticking, and there was always a very good chance that as people go indoors and it’s colder, that we’ll see more transmission.”

Gates said that Americans only put their behavior to help prevent the spread of coronovirus.

  • “Unfortunately, we have received a lot of fatigue and very bad messages about these things.”
  • “American mask compliance is very poor indeed.”

Gates gave Dr. Praising Anthony Fauci, the doctors rise above the noise when a coronovirus reaction occurs.

  • “Luckily, Dr. Fauci has risen above the noise level, talking about masks and best practices, and due to the fact that they are trying to reduce him for some reason, which is just the brain. Blows away. “

Gates recently told CNBC that the US had a poor response to the virus, while other countries “did very well, did very well.”

  • “Mask compliance in the United States is quite poor,” Gates said. “And yet the cost and productivity of the mask (not wearing the mask) is lost, it is quite an intervention.”