Coronavirus: The world will be the first nation to return to full lockdown as Israel transits. news

On Thursday, the Israeli government decided to introduce a nationwide lockout from next Friday. The new lock will begin on the eve of the Jewish New Year. Strict rules may include such rules as a ban on a person moving more than 500 meters away from their home.

There may also be a gathering of ten people inside the house and 20 outside boundaries.

The measure will also see schools being closed and lessons being held online.

Data from John Hopkins University showed that Israel now has the highest per capita infection rate worldwide.

Transition is growing across the country due to criticism of leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the crisis.

Yesterday 4,429 new cases were registered.

In contrast to high infection rates, mortality in Israel remains low.

There have been 1,077 deaths in Israel since the epidemic began.

The conclusion among experts is that the low mortality rate is Israel’s relatively young population demographic.

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“People are behaving without understanding the seriousness of the situation and the leadership is not giving any examples.

“We’re slowing down.”

The government has been accused of putting economy and business interests above the safety of individuals.

The Israeli government is hastening to conduct recent maneuvers to find that they are taking responsibility for the recent failures in dealing with the epidemic.

He has given contact-tracing responsibility to the military.

But military sources say they will not be able to start contact-tracing by November.

Israel has a population of 8.8 million people.

But the majority of new cases have arisen in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities that have insisted on re-organizing to hold weddings of 1,000 guests and facing study at ultra-orthodox seminars.

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