Coronavirus: the struggle over the rise of cases in Europe. world News

Bars in Paris have been ordered to be closed for two weeks, residents of Madrid can no longer leave their city and Ireland is poised to impose strict national sanctions as the government moves Europe-wide in Kovid-19 cases Struggles to stop.

As a transition to Paris The area reached 270 for every 100,000 people – and higher for 500 to 20 to 30-year-olds for every 100,000 – with 36% of the intensive care beds occupied by Kovid-19 patients, the city’s police The chief said that the bars should be closed on Tuesday.

Outlining the measures he described as a balance between the health of his fellow citizens and the reality and necessity of economic and social life, Didier Lamillet said that the French capital and the Ole-de-France region around it were necessary because “there is an epidemic.” “Growing very fast”.

Case of france

He added that restaurants, defined as “whose main activity is serving food”, can continue as long as they follow the new rules. These include gel sanitizers on all tables, which limit customers from six to one table with a meter between seats, allowing them to remove only food masks and enter their names and contact details.

France About 17,000 new cases were reported on Saturday, the highest daily number since extensive testing. Regional Health Agency Director Orellane Russo said the figure included an average of 3,500 new cases every day in and around Paris.

Of the more than 200 new regional groups, Russo said that about 40% originated from schools and universities, 26% from workplaces and 10% from private ceremonies. Residents of the area should work at home as much as possible, he said.

As with other measures, all, gyms and pools will be closed to adults for at least two weeks, public ceremonies will be limited to 10 people, and a maximum of 1,000 people will be allowed at the open-air stadium for sports or cultural. planning.

Movies, theaters and student lecture halls are limited to half their normal capacity, visits to people in care homes may continue but only by appointing and limiting two visitors at a time, and alcohol sales after 10:00 p.m. And persists for other parties in the wedding and reception halls. Banned.

In SpainOfficials in the northwestern region of Castilla y León said that the cities of Pulsania and Leon would follow the capital, Madrid and the surrounding nine municipalities in partial lockdown for a fortnight from Tuesday, meaning people would only work in areas. Can enter or exit. Or on medical grounds.

In the capital, limited lockdown resulted in a confrontation between regional and central authorities. Spain’s socialist-led coalition government implemented the measures after Madrid’s conservative-led regional government voted against them, claiming that the situation was under control.

Although the administration of the President of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has said that it will follow the lockdown, it is appealing in court against the decision of the central government. To date, Spain has recorded 813,412 cases of Covid-19 – more than a quarter of them in the Madrid region, which also accounts for about a third of the country’s 32,225 deaths.

Of ireland Meanwhile, the National Public Health Emergency Team was reported to have decided on Sunday against a new nationwide lockout after recommending a move to the highest level of sanctions in the country, during the original lockout in March.

The Irish Times said the leaders of the coalition government had met the Chief Medical Officer but would not take the country to level 5, which banned domestic visits and social and family gatherings and only required retail shops remained open . Instead, the country will fall to “level 3 with additional measures”.

The museum and some other cultural sites are likely to be closed, restaurants and pubs face added restrictions, and people will be asked to stay in their area and keep a minimum number of people visiting.

Russia, Which has the fourth-highest number of cases worldwide, reported an increase in cases close to the May record on Monday, but has so far been barred from re-enforcing strict lockdown measures. The government confirmed 10,888 new infections, with 11,656 recorded on 11 May.

There were over 3,500 in the capital Moscow, where the mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, asked more than 65 of those people to stay home and since Monday ordered companies to have at least 30% of their employees working from home. The Kremlin said it had no immediate plans to implement a second lockdown.

In Brussels, The chair of the European Commission, 62-year-old Ursula von der Leyen, said she would separate herself for a day after meeting someone infected with Kovid-19 last week. The President of the European Council, Charles Mitchell, also had to follow the same process and postpone the Leaders’ Summit for a week earlier this year.

Beyond Europe, Iran A record high of 3,902 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours, with the highest number of identified cases in the Middle-East totaling 475,674, according to state TV, which killed 235 patients.

In America, To The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, called on the state to allow schools to close and ban non-essential businesses in many neighborhoods after the virus resurfaced.

If approved, around 300 schools will be closed from Wednesday. The indoor meal – which resumed a few days ago – will be suspended, and the gym closed, marking a dismal apprehension for a city that enjoyed summer with less spread of the virus than most other parts of the US took.

“We have learned from this disease that it is important to act aggressively, and we follow science when data tells us that we take time even for the most difficult and rigorous tasks that follow the data,” They said.


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