Coronavirus outbreak: live updates and news for October 20, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed President Donald Trump for more than 33,000 coronovirus deaths in the state, calling him a liar and a “super-spreader”. California relaxed restrictions on San Francisco.

The head of Roche Holding AG warned that a comprehensive vaccine is unlikely this year, adding a core of caution from industry leaders. First test for Deliberate people might be in the UK next year to accelerate the development of shots, while China defended giving people jabs in clinical trials.

Leader of europe After some attempts to slow the troop, attempts to revive the lockdown slowed in some areas. New cases in Germany and the Netherlands have captured daily records, and Spain is weighing a curfew in Madrid. Britain’s Boris Johnson forced a hot spot in the Manchester area, northwestern England, for the country’s most drastic measures.

Main development:

  • Global Tracker: Top 40.4 million in terms; Death exceeds 1.1 million
  • US Hot Spot: Southern States Are Early Centers of Pandemic
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  • Record drop in American fares indicate how far airlines have to climb
  • City Eye tech firm of London, artist for post-Kovid renovation
  • How do people catch Kovid-19? Here’s what the experts say: Quicktake

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San Francisco takes on Lest-Restrictive Tier (3:40 pm NY)

California took San Francisco to its “yellow” level, which is the least restrictive for the business. This means that the city can reopen non-essential offices at a limited capacity later this month. It also plans to increase the capacity of indoor restaurants, museums and places of worship by 50%.

San Francisco is the only county in the Bay Area to move to the yellow zone, and the only major urban area in California to do so. According to state data, the county has a 0.8% test positivity rate, compared to a 3.3% rate.

Hungarian Minister of Justice Test positive (3:30 pm NY)

Hungary’s justice minister, Judit Varga, became the first government member to test positive for coronovirus. According to a post published on Facebook Tuesday, Varga said that he is isolated and suffering from mild symptoms.

In recent weeks the transition has sprung up with Prime Minister Viktor Orban promising to avoid lockdown measures, helping the eastern European nation avoid widespread contagion earlier in the year.

Cuomo NY blames Trump for death (2:40 pm NY)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed President Donald Trump for coronovirus-related deaths in the state, calling him a liar and “Super-spreader.”

Cuomo said on Tuesday that Trump has repeatedly lied to the public, including earlier this year when he suggested the virus was a hoax and it would be gone by Easter.

“I hold Donald Trump responsible for every death in the state of New York from Kovid,” Cuomo told reporters.

More than 220,000 people have died of the virus in the US, including more than 33,000 in New York.

answer Macedonia Sis New Spike (1:35 pm NY)

answer MacedoniaThe government cut restaurant and pub working hours to 11 pm. The capacity of public transport vehicles will be reduced by 50%. The Balkan country had some of Europe’s toughest sanctions in the spring, but now on the continent a new spike in positive matters with other countries is visible.

Cuomo Warnings of NY on Tri-State Tour (1 pm NY)

Unable to stop new york Spreading coronoviruses coming from Connecticut and New Jersey and will try to curb the increase in cases in those states, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday.

“There is no way to quarantine” because of all the connections in the Tristo area, Cuomo said during a virus briefing. “It will have a devastating effect on the economy.”

Cuomo said he would talk with the governors of Connecticut and New Jersey to formulate a plan. “Traveling between states or between states is not necessary, it should be avoided,” he said.

New York has 43 states on its travel advisory list, the highest ever. Travelers coming from hot spots on the list require quarantine for 14 days.

Greece cases hit new Daily High (12 noon NY)

Greece reported 667 cases in the last 24 hours, a new daily high since the onset of the epidemic. Authorities called on the Greeks – and especially those between 18 and 40 years old – to be very careful, wear masks and apply measures already taken. The number of new confirmed cases is 26,469, while 528 people have died during the epidemic.

Jump Italy Cases (12 noon NY)

Italy’s coronavirus cases rose again to 10,874 from 9,338 a day earlier, as the daily death toll rose to 89. The number of patients in intensive care increased from 73 to 870 compared to early April of more than 4,000.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said during a press conference in Rome that Italy’s strategy would be focused on local sanctions rather than the national lockdown measures taken at the start of the outbreak in March. There is an order for curfew in Lombardi in the vicinity of Milan from 11am on Thursday. Campania, which also includes Naples, will get 100 soldiers to investigate on Kovid-19 measures.

Citizen Mann: Virus Will Crimes for Years (11 am NY)

Citigroup’s global chief economist Catherine Mann fears the economy has slowed down so much that firms will not be in a position to demand higher prices for some time. That, not only the rising wages, is ultimately necessary for him To create inflation.

In the euro area, consumer prices are falling, while a key measure of US inflation rose at the slowest pace in four months in September.

“We return to a trajectory for growth, but we do not return to the trajectory of global GDP that we had in January,” Mann said during a panel discussion organized by the World Economic Forum on Tuesday.

Fine Party Host from Ireland (10:05 am)

Finance Minister Paschal Donohe told reporters that Ireland is ready to introduce a system of imposing fines against the banners for the purpose of curbing the spread of coronovirus. The move comes a day after the government announced that the country was going back into a national lockdown, including the closure of all bars.

Johnson Forces Manchester in strictest curse (9:36 am NY)

Boris Johnson The Tuesday forced Greater Manchester to Britain’s toughest sanctions after its noon for the region to accept an agreement passed without agreement. The move includes the closure of pubs and bars, and restrictions on all mixtures of homes.

The government’s ultimatum shows how Britain’s response to the epidemic has broken along political and geographic lines.

Bulgarian leader Cansil visits Estonia (9:01 am NY)

Bulgarian President Romain Radev interrupted his official program in Estonia, planning on Tuesday that he was in contact with a person infected with Kovid-19 before his arrival. After information reached Estonian authorities, Radev self-segregated in a hotel, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid said.

The Netherlands adds over 55,500 cases per week (8:33 am NY)

According to Dutch health agency RIVM, a total of 55,587 Kovid-19 patients were confirmed in the week ending October 20 in the Netherlands, compared to 43,903 in the previous week. The Dutch news agency ANP cited RIVM as a record 8,182 new cases.

Curfew outbreak virus in Madrid in Spain (8:33 am NY)

The Spanish government will focus on implementing it Curfew for Madrid, following a plea from the regional administration.

“The curfew is a measure that is lower than the infection rate in other European countries or comparatively low,” Health Minister Salvador Illa said at a press conference on Tuesday. “It’s a measure that requires a state of emergency, and we’re going to analyze it,” among other options.

CEO warns against hope for rapid vaccines (7:51 am NY)

Many have high expectations for an early vaccine, Severin Schwann, CEO of Roach Holding AG Was warned

It is “completely unrealistic” that the Kovid-19 vaccine is expected to be widely available by the end of this year, and most people probably won’t have access to a shot until the second half of 2021, with Schwann taking Bloomberg TV anchor Francine Lacqua said in an interview.

Look: Severin Schwann, CEO of Roach Holding AG, says it is “completely unrealistic” to expect the Kovid-19 vaccine to be widely available by the end of this year.

Quarantine ends after Finnish premier negative test (7:36 am NY)

Finland’s Prime Minister Sana Marin has tested negative for coronovirus twice after a sudden departure from the EU summit last week when it emerged that he had come across a jurist carrying the virus.

China defended giving experimental vaccines to thousands (7:32 am NY)

China said hundreds of thousands of people are still being given vaccines in clinical trials Kovid-19 is justified given its limitations and the risk of lack of any significant side effects so far.


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