Coronavirus outbreak: live updates and news for October 18, 2020

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is preparing new measures to see the coronovirus resurgence as tight sanctions for the movement throughout Europe.

In the US, 5 fifth, 14 new virus cases were added, the infection spread for more than 50,000 consecutive days in the country.

London and Paris applied tight currents. Victoria, the worst case in Australia, announced the easing of sanctions. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin spoke on Saturday about efforts to prepare stimulus packages for the world’s largest economy.
Main development:

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Switzerland Mask Makes Compulsory Indors (8:30 am NY)

Masks will be required in public indoor locations, including airports and train stations, Swiss President Simonita Somaruga said at a press conference. Spontaneous public gatherings of more than 15 people will be prohibited and private gatherings exceeding that number will require masks.

The government advised people to work from home whenever possible.

US adds about 60,000 cases (8 am NY)

US adds 57,164 new virus cases, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg.

The number was a drop from the previous day’s 69,276, the highest since late July. An additional 712 people died, slightly lower than the previous week’s daily average.

Ireland Mules Lockdown (7:33 am NY)

The government of Ireland is considering a recommendation from health officials to take the country to the highest lockdown level as the number of cases seen in April increased.

The government will take “decisive” and nationwide action on Monday, Higher Education Minister Simon Harris told broadcaster RTE on Sunday without giving details.

“Level 3 has not worked,” Harris said. All non-essential stores at Level 5 are closed, and people are placed within 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) of their home. Currently most of the country is in level 3.

Iran Seas Case Decline (6:52 am NY)

The number of daily cases in Iran fell below 4,000 in a week, with 3,890 more infections occurring overnight. A spokesman for the Health Ministry said that there were 30,375 deaths in the last 24 hours, with 252 people dead.

French PM Says Lockup Needs To Be Closed (5:37 PM HK)

The curfew that began this weekend in Paris and eight other French cities helps prevent an outbreak of coronovirus that is without harm from a national lockdown, Prime Minister Jean Castex said in an interview Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

“The challenge is to face till All over the country and without resorting to an extensive lockdown for a long time, “Castex told the paper.” I want to avoid it. ”

France recorded a record 32,427 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.

New broadcasts at Thailand border (5:26 pm)

Thailand reported five new local virus transmissions from Tak province in two days, including the border with Myanmar, including a 1-year-old child. The patients are related and are citizens of Myanmar.

Thailand has stepped up its screening process along the border in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. People are asked to avoid social incidents and maintain social distance. According to the Ministry of Health, religious work has been canceled in the following days.

German President in quarantine after contact (5:06 pm)

A spokesman said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier entered into quarantine on Saturday after testing a bodyguard for the virus. Steinmeier’s first test result was negative but will be tested again.

The country has recorded at least 4,862 new cases in recent times, in a pattern common on weekends when not all data is tallied.

Debate at school between Russia’s new cases (HK at 5 pm)

According to data from the government’s National Virus Response Center, 15,099 new cases have been reported in Russia, spreading the infection for the third consecutive day.

Russia has so far resisted returning to lockdown to fight the second wave of infection, but Moscow has introduced new measures. The city reopened several makeshift hospitals and sent school children on two-week leave.

The decision to close the schools should be made by regions of Russia based on the local situation, Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov said in an interview with the TAS news agency published on Sunday.

Increasing number of Poland cases (4:35 PM HK)

8,536 new coronovirus cases were reported in Poland and the continuation of death continued. There were 649 respirators in the country as compared to 383 a week earlier.

Israel ban (at 4:32 pm)

Israel on Sunday relaxed restrictions related to coronovirus in most parts of the country as new infections continued to decline, although areas with the most cases would still be subject to strict currents.

The spread of the virus in Israel has slowed in four weeks as it became the only prosperous nation to go into a second nationwide lockdown. So far, there have been more than 300,000 confirmed cases and around 2,200 deaths.

Austrian Chancellor urges discipline (4:02 PM HK)

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz urged Austrians to curb social contact and follow health measures Video message sent on social media.

“If we all do without private celebrations, large ceremonies, parties, we can slow down the spread and keep open schools, the economy and large parts of social life,” Kuraj said.

Austria reported a record increase in new cases on Saturday, making the nationwide seven-day event above 100 for the first time. Kuraj will meet with the governors of the country’s nine provinces on Monday to discuss further measures.

Italy reads new virus remedy (HK at 4 pm)

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered bars and restaurants not to be identified, according to his government officials, to ban certain sports activities to prevent congestion, and to change high school hours.

Conte is set to announce his plans on Sunday, people said. Italy’s alliance is divided by new sanctions.

Czech Republic Reports Weekend Surge (HK at 3:33 pm)

The Czech Republic recorded 8,713 new coronovirus cases, the highest number during the weekend since the epidemic. This is almost double what was reported last Saturday. Testing is less on weekends. The overall death toll rose to 1,352 on Saturday, affecting the country most in Europe when it adjusted for population.

Wales announces lockout measures (2:45 PM HK)

Wales may go into lockdown starting at 6pm London time next Friday evening, the Confederation of Passenger Transport said in a letter to its members. All but necessary retail has to be closed. The Welsh Government may announce the measures on Monday, it said. A spokesman for the Welsh government told Sky that “no decision has been made.”

Belgium’s accident rate jump (HK at 2:15)

The 14-day Kovid-19 incidence rate in the country, 691 per 100,000, even new cases increased less than in recent times. The government has promoted measures to fight the virus, introduced a one-night curfew and ordered all restaurants closed since Monday.

115,000 (Virus 12:45 hk) virus fatalities of India

India recorded 61,871 new cases in a single day, while deaths reached 114,031, the third largest in the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the officials to prepare for the early delivery of a Kovid-19 vaccine when available.

Pelosi, Mnuchin Stimulus Talks (12:15 hk)

The American pair spoke for an hour and 15 minutes on coronovirus stimulation, and agreed to speak again on Monday, Treasury spokeswoman Monica Crowley said in a tweet. Meanwhile, his staff will keep discussing.

Prior to those talks, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate would vote on an economic reform bill of about $ 500 billion and Republican proposals for additional funds to help small businesses starting Tuesday.

Trump pushes for sanctions ban in Michigan (HK at 10:30 AM)

“You’ve got your governor to open your state,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan, Michigan, referring to Gretchen Whitmer, who recently became the target of the Kidnap conspiracy by right-wing militias Gone. The crowd responded with a “Locked Up” chant, to which Trump replied “‘Lock’ em up.”

Whitmer responded in a tweet, “It’s absolutely rhetoric that has endangered the lives of me, my family and other government officials while we try to save the lives of our fellow Americans. It needs to stop . ”

Trump also held rallies in Wisconsin. A recent diagnosis of Kovid-19 and many of the now recovered accomplices, including White House advisers, joined Air Force One hope Hicks and Stephen Miller.

New Zealand’s first community case in three weeks (8:48 am)

An Auckland man tested positive for the virus on Saturday, director general of health Ashley Bloomfield. When it can become contagious people should make contact with the person who has been kept in isolation.

News of the latest community case comes as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern swept to a resounding victory in a general election, largely on the back of her government’s successful response to the epidemic.

Lockdown in Australia’s Victoria Cases case (HK at 8:42 PM)

From midnight, the 5 million residents of Melbourne, the Victoria state capital, who have been in lockdown for more than 100 days, will be allowed to travel 25 kilometers (16 mi) from their homes, and the time limit on daily exercise Hoagie State Chief Daniel Andrews said.

The order to stay in the house will be completely lifted and the retail and hospitality sectors will be massively resumed. 1. If the number of cases continues to decline, the deadline can be brought forward.

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