Coronavirus may help researchers fight cancer, according to scientists

According to a study by a scientist at Dalhousie University, coronavirus may have a silver lining. Dr. Shashi Gujar, along with colleagues from the United States, Denmark, France, Germany and India, is studying the virus causing COVID-19, an immune response against SARS-CoV-2, at the Department of Pathology in Dal. A news release on Dalhousie University’s website states that using the immune system can be repurchased to fight cancer.

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The body’s immune system recognizes foreign viruses and bacteria as a threat, but it does not do so for cancer, it said. Dr. Guzar discovered that if viruses such as coronovirus could play a role as the next generation of cancer immunotherapy, as reported in the journal Oncoimmunology.

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Dr. Shashi Gujar, along with a group of international collaborators, is studying the immune response against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, using the immune system to reproduce. can be done
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Dr. “We found out how your coronovirus-specific T cells feel that your cancer is infected with the virus,” Guzar said in the release. “The key is to do it without using the virus or actually cause the actual infection.”

The release explained that when a person contracts SARS-CoV-2, the immune system recognizes the virus and activates “T cells” and acts in a specific way to kill the cells that irritate the virus. Is, the release explained.

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The vaccines currently being tested worldwide have demonstrated similar ability to trigger these coronavirus-specific T cells, the report states.

Experts have explained to Fox News that T cells contain “memory cells” that are maintained in the body after a person fights infection. The CDC website states, “The immune system remembers what the body knows about how to prevent that disease.” Memory cells “will act as an alarm and help the immune system identify and prevent antibodies from attacking foreign viruses or others. The germ if it re-enters the body, according to the Federal Health Agency.

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The authors stated in the study release that coronavirus-specific T cells can detect SARs-CoV-2 viruses in the body, and destroy the areas where the virus replicates and help the body recover from a COVID-19 infection. helps.

Teams of scientists are trying to get cancer cells to attack T cells to express markers identified as coronovirus-virus-harming cells, and from T-cells The fighting became the target of the coronovirus, the release explained.

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“Once we know that it works, this immunotherapy will actually be a straightforward process and maybe we start using it sooner than later. It is a highly novel and practical strategy to exploit virus-specific T cells against various types of cancer. This is why it is so exciting.

The release states that coronovirus specific cells can potentially be found in millions of people around the world due to infection or vaccine, making this type of cancer immunotherapy useful to populations around the world.

The release also stated that Dr. The international group of scientists with Gujjar are currently testing coronavirus-specific tags occurring in different populations. They then plan to make a “cocktail” of these tags to treat cancer in clinics around the world.