Coronavirus Los Angeles updated on August 9: County confirms 10 additional deaths, 1,789 new cases

Los Angeles (KABC) – Here is the current number of novel coronavirus cases in Los Angeles County and the entire southern part:

  • Los Angeles County: 208,528 cases confirmed, 4,977 deaths.
  • Orange County: 39,641 cases, 726 deaths.
  • Riverside County: 40,452 cases confirmed, 799 deaths
  • San Bernardino County: 35,712 cases, 546 deaths.
  • Ventura County: 8,146 cases, 89 deaths.
  • San Diego County: 32,330 cases, 593 deaths.
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    SUNDAY’s update: August 9, 2020

    Health officials in Los Angeles County on Saturday confirmed 10 additional deaths and 1,789 new COVID-19 cases. The latest figures do not include the backlog of the state that has been revealed recently. Those backlog numbers are expected to be added to the totals in the coming days. The virus continues to affect the county’s young residents, with 69% of the new cases occurring on Sunday in people under 50%.

    Saturday: August 8, 2020

    Health officials in Los Angeles County on Saturday confirmed 51 additional deaths and 2,645 new COVID-19 cases.

    The county totals 206,761 cases and 4,967 deaths.

    Officials said the hospital continued to decline despite the latest numbers being higher. 1,610 confirmed COVID-19 patients in hospital; 31% of cases are confirmed in ICU.

    Friday update: August 7, 2020

    Los Angeles County public health officials confirmed an additional 53 deaths and 3,116 new COVID-19 cases on Friday.

    Officials noted that the numbers reported as glitches could not be accurately reflected due to a backlog between 250,000 and 300,000 unprocessed health records throughout California, many of them test results.

    Officials said the issue has been fixed, but it is expected to take 24 to 48 hours to work through the backlog.

    However, other key indicators that track the county’s coronavirus virus status, such as hospitalization and death, are not affected by the reporting issue.

    There are currently 1,680 people hospitalized with the virus, which officials say has seen a decline in the number of daily hospitals. Those figures have been compared to last week, when the county reported more than 2,000 hospitalizations a day.

    THURSDAY’S UPDATE: August 6, 2020

    The City of Los Angeles is working to add more smaller test sites throughout the city. Mayor Eric Garcetti says the latest effort is a partnership with testing company Curative to add small kiosks to local neighborhoods, which will almost make the testing experience using a self-service vending machine a favorite. The company is currently running a test program with kiosks in Berkeley. Another plan to add testing would be through mobile vans that would drive across the city to provide testing services.

    Meanwhile, LA County has crossed the milestone of 200,000 cases and 5,000 deaths. The county reported 3,290 new cases and 48 new deaths on Thursday. Some of those new cases are the result of a backlog of results from a laboratory. About 1.86 million people have been tested in LA County with a 10% positivity rate.

    The county has opened thousands of investigations, violating businesses and others’ health protocols and closure orders, and has worked to close 27 bars and restaurants, as well as 76 other businesses such as nail salons and gyms.

    Wednesday update: August 5, 2020

    Upset over reports of a large party in a mansion in the hills, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new measure designed to crack down on party houses and other places that violate health-related orders.

    If a large party is held in a home or business in violation of health department orders, the Water and Power Department will be authorized to discontinue the utility service on the property.

    The shutdown will happen after police verifies a large, illegal party. The shutdown process may take up to 48 hours.

    “These big house parties have essentially become a nightclub in the hills,” Garcetti said.

    Garcetti said orders were not specified to target small ceremonies in homes.

    “These are focused on people determined to break the rules, posing significant public threats and threats to all of us,” Garcetti said.

    The mayor made the announcement because he also said the city of Los Angeles had more than 1 million coronavirus tests, and the county had 1.8 million. The positivity rate on those tests is about 10% in the county and 7.1% in the city. Overall, he said, the city is seeing a drop in cases and hospitals since mid-July.

    TUESDAY’s update: August 4, 2020

    LA County’s COVID-19 case count has been underestimated due to the state’s technical problem, but the issue has not affected hospital data, which county officials said continues to decrease.

    A team is now working on contacting 81 laboratories to obtain coronavirus test results from 26 July to the present to obtain the correct number of positive cases during that time period. Officials said they are implementing a system for laboratories to report positive results to the department “immediately” to help ensure the correct count and contact Trace.

    Secretary of Health and Human Services, Drs. Mark Gali, California’s top health official, said Tuesday that a technical problem has resulted in a lag in California’s coronovirus test results.

    A statement from La County’s Department of Public Health stated, “This issue has reduced the county’s positive cases and the number of COVID-19 cases is affected and our contact tracing efforts are recorded daily. . “

    Officials said lab results should not be delayed for patients as test results are delivered directly to providers and hospitals.

    “Public Health has noted problems with the state electronic lab reporting system for about two weeks,” the county said. “Once the data reporting issues are decided, the number of cases is expected to increase.”

    County officials said the technical problem did not affect hospitalization data. There are 1,757 confirmed cases in the hospital, and 31% of them are in the ICU. Last week, the daily hospital had more than 2,000 patients last week.

    Director of Health Barbara Ferrer said in a statement, “Hospitalization data for Los Angeles County are still lacking, and we remain cautiously optimistic that our efforts have been slowing down the spread for the past few weeks. “

    Monday: August 3, 2020

    Officials said Monday that after disturbing cases of coronavirus in mid-July, LA County numbers are starting to go down slightly. County Health Director Drs. Barbara Ferrer said the county’s overall rate is still high in early July and still remains on state surveillance, but it’s not as bad as it was about two weeks ago.

    She said the county started in July at an average of about 2,300 new cases per day. In mid-July the number increased to more than 3,000 cases per day. But as the month ended, on average, about 2,500 cases per day fell. Ferrer said this is an indicator that trade-offs and masked enforcement measures are helping to limit proliferation.

    Depending on the county’s population, the case rate is about 355 per 100,000 people – a drop from the previous week, when it was 400 per 100,000. But to get out of the state’s watch list, the number would have to go down from 100 cases per 100,000, she said.

    “We still have a way to reduce community broadcasting,” Ferrer said.

    Sunday update: August 2, 2020

    Police officers from Los Angeles are performing their roles to slow the spread of face-covering coronoviruses on Hollywood Boulevard on Sunday morning.

    The police department says that this is an opportunity for officers to educate the public about the importance of covering the face.

    In other local cities, a handful of people do not wear masks.

    And on Sunday, health officials reported 23 additional deaths due to coronaviruses and 1,476 new cases in Los Angeles County. To date, authorities have confirmed a total of 192,167 positive cases and a total of 4,692 deaths.

    Meanwhile, in an effort to ramp up the COVID-19 test, the city of Los Angeles has deployed pop-up testing centers across the city, including a new one outside William Mead Homes near Chinatown.

    Community members can conduct free trials on these sites from 10 am to 4 pm.

    The Chinatown trial site was promoted by LA City Council Gil Gil Sedillo, which represents a section of LA that has been specifically killed by the virus.

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