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Life is returning to normal African continent, But still battling the fear of the virus. AFP Report:

Petunia Maseko said, “Things are going back to normal, even though it will never be before.” Sovato of south africa colony.

Africa The epidemic of coronovirus has occurred relatively well in terms of infections and deaths, although its economies have been severely devastated.

While many nations make their Kovid-19 measures easier and citizens dare to breathe a little easier, experts are warning against the continent’s success being missed with decency.

There was a lot of celebration at The Black and White Lifestyle Pub in South Africa on Friday as the first weekend of spring reached the lowest level of South Africa’s lockdown.

The continent’s toughest nation, South Africa, has resumed under one of the world’s tightest lockdowns.

“It was tough living for six months without socialization,” said 21-year-old engineering student Maseko, a brightly colored Nedbele traditional ensemble.

But virus measures were followed, with masked revelers checking their temperature at the bar’s entrance.

Cleaning the prison in hand, 26-year-old DJ Tisetso Teneni was happy to play in front of a live audience after a live-streaming show for months.

“I’m craving for people to play again,” he said.

He said the face mask was “only a sign that there was ever an epidemic”.

In the rest of the African continent, daily life varies considerably between strict adherence to health measures and strict relaxation.

A game of football in Soweto, South Africa.  The country's success in bringing its first wave of COVID-19 under control has allowed it to open up the economy almost entirely by monitoring the signals of the second wave.

A game of football in Soweto, South Africa. The country’s success in bringing its first wave of COVID-19 under control has allowed it to open up the economy almost entirely by monitoring the signals of the second wave. Photo: Themba Hudbe / AP

– ‘Back to our habits’ –

“We don’t care about Corona,” Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara said, unaware of listening to the microphone when he clearly challenged the virus ban, he kissed a party in front of thousands of people last month.

Although masks are still mandatory in Ivory Coast, the rule is “not respected anywhere or nearly anywhere”, a health worker said on condition of anonymity.

“Hysteria has gone away and the state no longer tells much about the subject.”

In Dr. Congo The capital Kinshasa, taking temperatures and washing hands is still the norm in the residential district of Gombe, which is also the city’s diplomatic and economic center.

But in the working class communities, the masks are being taken to the chin and people are shaking hands again.

For many the latest buzz phrase is “corona is te”, which translates to “there is no corona” in the local lingala.

In west africa Burkina FasoOusmane Ouedraogo, a 43-year-old fish seller, said he could not wear masks forever.

“We tried to wear it every day, but the authorities presented examples such as if the disease was over. So we are going back to our habits,” he said.

No one uses a hand-washing station at the entrance of Guillaume Traoree’s restaurant in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina.

“When you remind a customer, he tells you that coronavirus does not exist,” he said.

In Piece of paper And Gabon, Many wear masks less, covering only the mouth or chin, only hastily picking them up when they come into the police.

People hug each other in churches, mosques and markets. However, in the evening, a curfew remains in force.

Jan at Notre Dame du Congo Cathedral in Kinshasa.

Jan at Notre Dame do Congo Cathedral in Kinshasa. Photograph: Arsene Mpiana / AFP / Getty Images

– ‘be very careful’ –

In megacity Lagos Africa’s most populous country Nigeria, Civil servant Isiak Oksania said he now forgets to wear his mask regularly.

“It is as if God has helped us get rid of the disease. We no longer read those big figures of death, ”the 41-year-old told AFP.

But Emmanuel Akinemi, director of the Lagos-based Estate Clinic, said that “coronovirus is real and there is still a lot around us”.

Health Minister Osagi Ahnier said last week that Nigeria’s daily transition figures were trending downward, saying “we cannot speak of happiness or success unfortunately”.

Africa Regional Director of the World Health Organization Matshidiso Moyti The continent is said to have been “initially feared as a widespread spread of Kovid-19”.

However John nekengsong, The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Africa, warned that “we also have to be careful not to end any successes.”

In west africa Senegal, Life has become almost normal since June.

It’s the opposite Rwanda, Where one of the strictest lockdowns is still in place and police make arrests for “not wearing masks properly”.

in North Africa, Morocco Resides in lockdown, especially the economic capital Casablanca, where large neighborhoods are tightly closed.

A wedding ceremony in Nairobi, attended by some relatives, and lasted only fifteen minutes.

A wedding ceremony in Nairobi, attended by some relatives, and lasted only fifteen minutes. Photo: Simon Maina / AFP / Getty Image

East african Kenya In the meantime it is to reopen its bars and allow restaurants to sell liquor as it re-transitions.

“We are the weakest and fragile at the moment where we think we have won,” President Uhuru Kenyatta Said on Monday.

“If we have won a war against Kovid-19, we have not won the war yet.”


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