Coronavirus Live News: Fauci warns US authorities to ‘bounce on boom’ after World News

Japan would be saddened with a bill of about $ 2bn to cover the additional cost of postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to coronovirus.

Kyodo news agency and Yomuri newspaper reported that the Games Organizing Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan will decide how much each side will contribute.

Kyodo said the additional cost would come from starting coronavirus countermeasures, such as setting up test centers, as well as expenses related to locations, equipment and labor.

According to an Oxford University study, the Tokyo Games, which will start a year later than scheduled on 23 July 2021, are already the most expensive Summer Olympics in history.

The official cost has been put at $ 12.6bn, but a government audit last year said the actual figure was probably double that.

All $ 5.6 billion is public money, Reuters said, raising questions about how Japanese taxpayers would react to bear an even greater financial burden in times of economic uncertainty.

Japanese Government, Organizer and International Olympic Committee [IOC] Insist that the game move forward despite the epidemic, albeit in a more compact form.

IOC President Thomas Bach said during a recent visit to Tokyo that the development of Kovid-19 vaccines had increased the chances of the incident, but warned that they were not a “silver bullet”.

During the Games, tens of athletes and officials are expected to keep a strict vigil and remain in quarantine-like conditions. They will be encouraged to go sightseeing and leave Japan as soon as their events end.

No decision has been made on foreign fans, however, with some reports suggesting that a limited number of countries that have brought their infection rates under control may be able to participate.


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