Coronavirus latest: US state sees record increase in daily cases in last 2 weeks

Andrew Kyomo of the New York government said he waited before looking at the data on New York City schools to see if they had to be kept open.

“We’ll find out by the data tomorrow,” Cuomo said. “Schools should report the data to the state – they are testing. The numbers will tell you the facts, and once you have the facts, you can work logically. If the schools are not safe, then I don’t. Leaving. Allow them to operate. ”

Even though New York’s statewide coronovirus infection rate is still around 1%, there are 20 zip codes with an average positive test rate of 5%, about five times the state average.

Cuomo said that in the last 24 hours, out of 88,231 tests, 1,189 additional positive tests were recorded.

Two more people died from COVID-19 in the same timeframe.

Cuomo said the clusters in Rockland and Orange counties as well as Brooklyn are probably the largest clusters in the state since the epidemic began.

The governor has deployed additional testing resources in these areas and called on local governments to target the groups.

Cuomo also released the names of seven doctors who would conduct additional reviews of any coronavirus vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration – Cuomo said President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw the vaccine from the New Yorker because state operations Plans to have their own review of the vaccine.

ABC News’ Jay Gabriel Ware contributed to this report.

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