Coronavirus is a big wave, not a seasonal disease

Illustrations for the article were still in the first wave Was

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Despite being told for months that the novel is unlike the coronavirus virus we’ve dealt with in modern times, it still is We are tempted Thinking about it in terms of influenza. (Although they are certainly not the same thing.) This is because we are familiar with the flu, with and Flu season, and they start making us a way COVID-19 Epidemic spirit. And while there are some similarities (like Both diseases Especially dangerous for people in high-risk health categories), the World Health Organization (WHO) wants us to know that COVID-19 is the opposite of influenza in one major way: it is not seasonal. We’ve Everyone was riding A big wave, and it is still cresting.

There is no such thing as “COVID season”

When the novel coronovirus began to spread in early 2020, Some speculated that once the hot weather would hitIts wrath will disappear on its own. Sure, it was good sticking to There is little hope, but Dr. as epidemiologists and public health experts. Mark Lipsch, Professor of epidemiology and director of the Communicable Disease Mobility Center at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health has reported, This is not how COVID works.

Today at a virtual briefing in Geneva, WHO spokesman Dr. Margaret Harris, It broke for us:

“People are still thinking about the weather. We all need to get our heads around this is a new virus and … tHis behavior is different. Heat is a problem. This virus likes all seasons. “

THis still Will not done Happen over soon

Above that, much has been said about the various “waves” of COVID-19 We wonder what happened during the 1918 flu pandemic. The idea is that once proliferation is controlled and spreads for a period of time, Another round of new transition will begin. Because New York City has reached the point of being able to reopen places such as the Native American epicenter, it may appear as if infection rates have increased in places Arizona and Florida This is the “second wave” we have been warned about. But WHO officials want you to know that it really isn’t.

In fact, WHO officials have gone out of their way to ensure that they do not describe the COVID-19 resurgence (as is currently happening). Hogcog) “As waves.” There is a reason for this: using the word “waves” makes it sound as if the spread of COVID-19 is beyond human control, when at this point we know that solid, collective action can slow propagation, Reuters report.

Here is mentioned What did harris say about that In the same virtual briefing:

“We are in the first wave. This is going to be a big wave. It’s going up and down a bit. The best thing is to flatten it and turn it into just lapping on your feet. “

What can we do?

Even though COVID-19 is not as seasonal as the flu, it does not mean that we should be less prepared for this year’s flu season. That’s why It is more important than ever to get your flu shot this year. As Harris puts it: “If you have respiratory disease, when you already have a high burden of respiratory disease, it puts even more pressure on the health system.” I amn joint, She emphasizes the importance of continuing public health measures such as physical disturbances, wearing face masks and avoiding large crowds. (Yes, all of us, and yes, even during summer.)

As reassuring as COVID might think to be seasonal or coming in waves, it does not appear to be how the disease works.. So settle down, as Lifehacker senior health editor Beth Skewki has told us for months, It’s not going to end soon, Herd immunity won’t save us More things Will probably be worse.


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