Coronavirus CT: Infection Rate, Hospitalization

According to the latest data from the Department of Public Health, the rate of coronovirus infection in the state took a sharp turn in the wrong direction this week.

The rate of infection increased by 3 percent in the last 24 hours, with 434 new cases on the back. An additional 14,653 people were tested, bringing the total to 2,051,670 in the state.

The cause of death for COVID-19 was also climbed by five. There have been 64,455 cases and 4,559 deaths in the state since the epidemic began.

Currently 217 people are hospitalized due to coronovirus, 22 more in the past.

The largest number of cases are residents in their 50s, with 10,194. The elderly are the most likely victims of the disease. There are 2,721 deaths among people 80 and older.

Nev Lamont said on Tuesday that the state has not seen much of the infection since early June. He said that the rate of infection has recently increased in the whole country as well as neighboring states.

“We’re going to be disciplined for a long time,” Lamont said.

The newest coronovirus cities reported in the last 24 hours are:

4. New Britain: 2

5. Waterbury: 7

6. Naveen Havan: 24

7. East Hartford: 22

8. Bristol: 15

9. Pre-Incense: 9

10. Groton: 5

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The cities with the most new cases reported in the past week are:

1. Hartford: 164

2. Norwalk: 150

3. Waterbury: 126

4. Stamford: 105

5. Norwich: 96

6. Bridgeport: 92

7. New Britain: 85

8. New Havan: 81

9. New London: 77

10. Danbury: 70

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