Coronavirus by ZIP Code: How Does It Affect Your Community?

Data from the city’s Department of Health states that State Island, NY – two North Shore zip codes show the highest positive test rates for coronary (COVID-19).

Yet the percentage of positive coronavirus examinations in zip codes 10302 and 10303 continues to decline, falling at a rate of more than 50% 50 months ago at the height of the epidemic.

Positive test rates at Staten Island’s 10 other zip codes have also fallen accordingly, according to the most recent data compiled by GithHub, which is linked to the Web site of the City Heath Department.

According to the data, as of Thursday afternoon, 122,289 Borough residents screened coronovirus, infecting 15,246 or 12.47%.

In contrast, on 16 April, 19,174 Borough residents investigated at that point, 9,108, or 47.5% of cases, were confirmed.

The highest percentages of positive tests remain in zip codes 10302 and 10303.

Zip code 10302, which includes Port Richmond and Elm Park, has topped that list since late April.

Out of 4,635 residents tested there in the last six months, 15.04%, or 697 out of 4,635 have tested positive.

However, that zip code tested fewer individuals than all but one other in the Borough.

Zip code 10303, which includes Meriners Harbor, continues to have the second-highest rate of confirmed cases – 14.04% – or 958 of 6,822 residents.

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The third highest zip code was 10305 with 1,402 out of 10,502 residents testing positive or 13.35%.

Communities in ZIP Code 10305 include Arokhar, Fort Wadsworth, Grassray, Ocean Breeze, Rosebank, Shore Acres, South Beach and part of Dongan Hills.

Zip code 10304 has the fourth highest rate of confirmed cases.

Residents there have tested 1,570 of 13.23% – 11,868 persons of positive time.

Zip code 10304 covers a long swath of the east and northern coasts, including Clifton, Concord, Emerson Hill, Stapleton, Tod Hill and part of Dongan Hills.

While the confirmed cases rate in zip codes 10314 and 10312 is near the middle of the pack, those two zip codes continue to have the largest number of total cases.

They are two of the largest zip code areas in the Borough.

According to the data, in ZIP code 10314 of 23,747 residents, 12.59% or 2,989 have been tested.

Zip code 10314 includes communities such as Bulls Head, Castle Corners, Graniteville, Meyers Corner, New Springville, Travis, Westerley and Willowbrook.

There are 1,725 ​​confirmed cases in zip code 10312, which showed a positive rate of 11.75% for 14,687 residents examined.

The zip code of 10312 includes Annadale, Arden Heights, Eltingville, Greeneries and Huguenot.

The rate of positive tests in the remaining communities ranged from 11.12 to 12.56% in ZIP code 10307 in ZIP code 10308.

In 6,638 trials of residents of zip code 10308, including Great Kills, 738 positive cases have been reported.

Zip code 10307, ​​which residents had positive results in 429 of 3,415 exams, includes Tottenville.

The zip code 10307 has the lowest number of overall documented cases, as well as the lowest number of individuals investigated.

After zip codes 10314 and 10312, zip codes 10306 (1,627 of 14,422), 10304, 10305, 10301 (1,357 of 10,974, 10309 (8,066 of 959), 10303, 10310 have had the highest number of confirmed coronovirus cases. ( 4,513 (95), 103095, 10303 and 1030,5.

Additional data shows that the disease has claimed the most lives in zip codes 10314 and 10304.

As of Thursday afternoon, 202 had died in zip code 10314, with the deceased being a confirmed coronovirus case.

This figure was the same as last week.

The death toll was slightly lower – 182 – in zip code 10304, which has seen no change in the number of reported fatal cases since mid-July.

The tally does not include the “potential” coronavirus fatalities, which the city is also tracking daily.

Death is classified as “probable” if the deceased is a city resident who did not have a positive laboratory test for coronavirus, but the death certificate lists “COVID-19” or equivalent as the cause of death. is.

Below, in descending order, is the number of deaths in confirmed coronavirus cases for the remaining zip codes.

  • 10301 – 107 (no change from 10 September)
  • 10306 – 83 (no change)
  • 10305 – 81 (no change)
  • 10312 – 59 (no change)
  • 10303 – 47 (no change)
  • 10310 – 33 (no change)
  • 10302 – 32 (no change)
  • 10309 – 32 (no change)
  • 10308 – 28 (no change)
  • 10307 – 15 (no change)

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