Coronavirus: Are Taller People Really at Higher Risk for COVID-19?

A new survey by the University of Manchester and the Open University has found that taller people are at greater risk for the novel coronavirus.

What is happening:

  • The survey – which interviewed 2,000 people about personal characteristics, work and ways of living – found that taller people may be at greater risk of COVID-19, Fox News reported.
  • The survey specifically stated that people over 6 feet tall were more than twice as likely to be infected with the novel coronovirus, the New York Post reported.
  • According to The Telegraph, the researchers associated with the study agreed that the coronavirus spreads through the air. If the virus travels only on surfaces, then height does not matter.

What do experts say?

  • “The results of this survey indicate that downward drop transmission is not the only transmission mechanism and aerosol transmission is not possible,” Professor Evan Kontopentellis of the University of Manchester told the Telegraph. “This has been suggested by other studies, but our method of confirmation is novel.”
  • “Although social disturbances are still important because transmission by droplets is still likely to occur, it suggests that wearing masks may be just as – if not more effective in prevention. But moreover, in indoor spaces Air purification should be explored more. “

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