Coronavirus and deforestation rip through the lungs of the people of Brazil and the world

But when Americans complain about the lack of testing (okay then), only one country has to look down the list to see them… it can be so bad.

No one is stating how serious things Brazilians can get to be left largely unprotected by their president, Jair Bolsonaro. But while Bolsarono’s epidemic management affects immediate life and death for Brazilians, the right populist, sometimes known as “tropical Trump”, also manages the preservation of the Amazon. And in the midst of a man-made climate crisis, Earth scientists say that it gives him an unfair and scary effect All We know this as life. for generations.

The study found that 3,000 square miles were destroyed last year alone, an area the size of Puerto Rico. Ninety percent of deforestation resulted from illegal graves and burnt-of-land graves, while illegal gold mining not only destroyed thousands of species of plants and animals, but turned the soil into toxic mud and sand, where for centuries some Can not even grow.

Since a positive test for Kovid-19 sent him into quarantine at the modernist Elvoreda Palace on 7 July, Bolsonaro has used social media to express more sympathy for the state of the economy than tens of thousands of lives.
Gravidiger takes Kovid-19 more seriously than Brazilian President

He writes complaints about his restrictions and advertisements for his favorite anti-malarial drugs, which are not yet produced and stocked by the Brazilian military.

After forcing two qualified health ministers who argued against their policies with science, a loyal general with a public health experience is now running a response to the epidemic by refusing to speak to the media.

In parallel moves, Bolsonaro attended office to deny climate science and promised not to protect “one centimeter” of indigenous land. Last year’s so-called “burning season” pushed deforestation to an 11-year high, blaming Leonardo DiCaprio and other environmentalists for setting the fire to look bad. DiCaprio denied Bolsonaro’s allegations while maintaining his support for the Brazilians working to save the forest.
Farms now exist alongside the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest and Brazil.

When Ricardo Galavo, an MIT-trained plasma physicist and head of the Brazilian National Space Research Institute, insisted on sharing real-time satellite data of the Amazon deforestation with the world, Bolsonaro cheated the numbers on Galvao Accused and fired him.

“In one particular area (of the protected Amazon) we had more than 15 warnings per day, deforestation on a scale of 10 hectares or more,” Galova told me. “No action was taken by the government, no action was taken. We were ignored. And when we rang the alarm, we were fired.”

An aerial view of some 900 logs from illegal harvesting by the Amazon Military Police in the Amazon State of Brazil.
Last week, Lubia Vinhas, general coordinator of INEP’s Earth Observation Agency, was dismissed following satellite data that a new record 400 square miles of Amazon was destroyed in June. It went away in a month, the virgin rainforest being larger than Dallas, Texas.

Like Coronavirus, Bolsonaro engaged the army to prevent deforestation. And critics ignore another example of scientific expertise in favor of military jealousy and a vision of uncontrolled economic growth.

As the epidemic spread, video of a Bolsonaro cabinet meeting released by the Brazilian Supreme Court showed Environment Minister Ricardo Salles plotting to exploit the Kovid-19’s distraction to protect land, water and indigenous people. “Brazil is a real hell for entrepreneurs, who want to invest in the country and people who want to do something in the (working class) as well,” Suls said after his words went public. “Reports, surveys, licenses, permits are difficult.”
Clariोनski Urepervi says that it is no longer safe to drink river water.
Indigenous rights are often the strongest defense against development, and Amazon’s native inhabitants are being destroyed by viruses. Bolsonaro vetoed large portions of a bill that gave him basic epidemic support, including clean water.

“Water is life,” Clarencio Ureperive told me. He is one of the dwindling Zevente people who had this edge of the Amazon to themselves for so long, their immune system is vulnerable against aggressive disease. “Water is where we come from and how we live. So the veto is a kind of destruction. (Bolsonaro’s) deputy says we should drink from the rivers, but the rivers are contaminated.”

It was the soybean truck that first brought coronoviruses to the geographical center of Brazil, less than a century later a British explorer named Percy Favet arrived in search of the Lost City of Jade and disappeared into the dense forest.
Brazilian native leaders fight coronovirus to take president
Today those forests are open bean fields and cattle run as far as can be seen. And if Bolsonaro finds his way, most of the Amazon will be mortgaged, mined and paved in the second century. But science warns that there will be no rain without a rain forest. Experts say that large-scale deforestation will not only remove novel viruses, and turning forests into deserts will accelerate the climate crisis.

“As there are good people and bad people anywhere in the world,” says Fabiano Dol Agnall, as we walk through the neat lines of the Black Bean shoot. She farmed 2,000 acres in the Mato Grosso region, where Fawcett disappeared, and is part of a local group to “produce, conserve and incorporate”.

Farmer Fabiano del Agnol says he wants to recover relations with forests and native people.

He says hundreds of local farmers are committed to monitoring satellite deforestation data in an effort to recover forests and indigenous relationships with smart forest management. But the idea only works with access to national satellite data.

Thanks to Bolsonaro’s management of the environment and the epidemic, as well as corruption scandals with him and his sons, more than 50 formal requests for impeachment of Bolsonaro have been received by the lower house of Congress. Given the raging politics around the epidemic, there is no sign of action.

Action is also taking place from outside Brazil. A group of global investors led by Norway and recently trillion-denominated sovereign wealth funds threatened to pull their wealth from Brazil.

If this does not lead to actual enforcement, then there is another 27 months before Bolsonaro’s reunion. Or 27 pieces of Amazon, the size of Dallas, Texas.