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Corey Maggette: Fairfax's second accuser claims she was raped by the former Duke basketball player

The New York Times reported for the first time that Maggette was the Duke basketball player that Watson's lawyer accused of raping Watson during his second year at Duke.

Maggette, who played 14 seasons in the NBA and is now a freelance basketball analyst at Fox Sports West, denied the indictment in a statement to the Times.

"It's only been through media accounts and a statement from Meredith Watson's attorney that I first heard or heard about the sexual assault allegation," Maggette said, according to the Times. "I have never sexually assaulted anyone in my life and I completely and categorically deny any such charge."

CNN has not been able to communicate with Maggette independently to make comments.

When contacted by CNN, Fox Sports West said it takes allegations of misconduct seriously.

"We are investigating the matter, we have no further comments at this time," the network said.

Watson's attorney, Nancy Erika Smith, said in a statement on Friday that after Watson was raped, she went to an anonymous dean "who did not give her any help and discouraged her from pursuing the claim." Watson also told Fairfax, Smith said.

Michael Schoenfeld, vice president of public affairs and government relations at Duke, said in a statement: "We are in the process of collecting information to determine what policies and procedures were implemented during the period in which these events allegedly occurred. were activated and followed, we can not provide more information or comments about any person at this time. "

Smith says that Fairfax used his knowledge of that assault charge to take advantage of Watson.

Watson has alleged that Fairfax assaulted her when they both attended Duke in 2000 and were friends but not romantically involved, according to a statement from her lawyer, Smith Mullin.

When Watson asked Fairfax why he did it, Smith replies that he replied: "I knew that because of what happened to him last year, I would be very afraid to say something."

"Mr. Fairfax actually used the prior violation of his 'friend' against her when he chose to rape her in a premeditated way," Smith said.

The vice governor of Virginia on sexual assault allegations: & # 39; The interactions were consensual & # 39;
Fairfax issued a statement on Saturday denying accusations from both Watson and Vanessa Tyson, who said in a statement that Fairfax forced his penis into his mouth at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

"I say it again without reservation: I did not sexually assault Meredith Watson, or Vanessa Tyson or any other person," Fairfax said in the statement.

"The only thing I want to make clear is that, in both situations, I knew at that moment, and today I know, that the interactions were consensual."

Fairfax said that what he has "expressed is the truth".

"I want to be here in that truth and reiterate that my truth, as well as the truth of Dr. Tyson and Mrs. Watson, should be thoroughly investigated and evaluated," said Fairfax's statement. He called on the FBI to "thoroughly investigate the allegations against me."

On Friday, Democrat Patrick Hope, a member of the House of Representatives of Virginia, told CNN that he had begun the process of writing articles of indictment against Fairfax. However, on Monday Hope withdrew its plans, saying in a tweet that the "additional conversations" had to take place before something was archived.

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